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Aberrant RPG - two power questions


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In this website, www.nprime.net/downloads/errata.html

I am trying to figure out what it really does. It says that a Nova with this power affects how objects interact with the universe around them. What does that mean? It also says the nova simply rewrites the balance of physical forces and then lets the laws of physics take their course. WHAT does that mean? It also says that The nova concentrates on two nearby objects and exchanges their momentum. What does all that mean?

Also, about information manipulation, does it manipulate truths, facts and axioms?

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The APG sucks. Sorry, but I had to get that out of the way.

Momemtum Control effects the inertia and momentum of objects, so you stop objects, or make them go faster. You also change direction.

It appears to be an unresisted power, which is just plain wrong.

Information Manipulation:

No, it manipulates what people hear and what they say, not the facts of the matter. It is a manipulation of how people communicate with one another.

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Info manipulation..

Can not 2 different people hear different things and get different meanings from the same words? Say the info manipulator is saying "drop your weapons and you will live" but he uses his power to make his partner understand from the same words "Shoot them as soon as they drop their weapons." This implication says the power manipulates facts or meanings...

I dont have the book with me but I thought I saw it played like that once. The power alters what the people "understand" about the facts targeted. I think it gives an example about altering a persons speech from peace causing riotous mob invoking.

It does not say that it alters hearing does it? It alters the meanings behind it. confused

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Info Manip is a suite power. So we start by looking at the various suites and see if any apply.

Coherence?: No.

Disinformation? : Close, but it affects the entire comunication and you don't get to specify the exact result.

Information Void?: No.

Translation?: No.

Transposition?: No.

Steganography?: Yes. This technique lets you put hidden messages inside of messages, and you get to specify under what conditions the hidden message becomes obvious. So you put the condition "when Joe hears this" and you are good to go.

If there are two groups of 10 people then you can specify "when my friends hear this".

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Information manipulation only allows the alteration of the content of various forms of communication. That's all.

"Okay, does info manipulation manipulate concepts, ideas and philosophy?"

You aren't explaining what you mean very well. Telepathy can be used to edit someone's understanding of a concept. If you are talking about actually altering the way that large groups of people deal with an idea, the only thing that even approaches that ability is Consciousness Supremacy. With that, you could implant the idea that 'murder is not immoral' or something like that.

Note that having Consciousness Supremacy in a game is a fundamentally bad idea.

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The creation of new, sentient beings.

Permanent, species-wide mental enhancement, including the addition of Abilities and Specialties, mental and social Attributes and Mega-Attributes, and mental and social Enhancements.

Construction of a permanent hive-mind from the minds of a group of people.

Removal of an idea or piece of information from a species.

Implantation of an idea or piece of information in members of a species.

Reducing the Willpower of a species, possibly to the point of rendering a sentient species non-sentient.

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