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[OpNet] Setting up.


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How does one go about setting up your life better? You take little steps.

You choose to educate yourself.

You choose to get a job.

You choose to arrange you social and love life.

It seems selfish but maybe not, you can only have relationships based on how you can handle them. I have tried to make those I have offended and harmed my friends. I want to try and help a person who I see who suffers.

But it all has to be on my terms. Because of what? Because if not I will attack them? Harm them? Rage had to have a focus and I need an outlet I seem to have found one that might work depending on if my friend who is helping me wants to keep helping me.

Maybe with a little luck I can set my house in order.

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In simple terms you first need to figure out what would make your life "better".

Then spend at least 5 minutes a day, every day making progress toward that goal.

And do not be afraid to ask for help and build a support network.


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Sublimating self in pursuit of a higher goal is rarely an easy road, Wakinyan. Left to our own devices, we tend to either drift back into patterns of self-importance, or to lose perspective and completely subvert self until we have nothing unique left to offer.

One way to avoid these pitfalls is, as Noir suggested, to find and accept help from your peers. Not just anyone, but those whom you can trust to look to your welfare as well as that of whatever thing to which you try to dedicate yourself.

If you are fortunate enough to find one, a mentor can be an invaluable aid. Someone who has the benefit of experience, who can look objectively at your situation and can help over the rough spots. Someone who is not emotionally bound to you, as that would render objectivity moot.

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