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[OpNet] I noticed.


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Since this court trial began I notice there is a gathering of people picketing the courthouse demanding my release and another who apparently wants me to fry.

I don't even know what to think about that. When Bailey saw them he made arrangements for my car to be routed up a street that would miss the protesters. To keep both sides from seeing them I guess.

I didn't want this attention. I wanted attention but not this way and not from them. I wish I could just go invisible while I am in the courtroom but that is right out. Bailey doesnt even have to tell me that.

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In a way, I'd like to be able to tell you that such displays are unusual. Unfortunately, they are not, and are certainly not limited to trials involving novas. Over the past three or four decades, such displays have become all too common at major trials.

You're young enough not to remember the kind of picketing that used to happen at trials revolving around abortion rights, for example; crowds of abortion supporters (who preferred to be called "supporters of choice") and abortion opponents (who preferred to be called "supporters of life") would stand outside courthouses for days on end -- chanting, yelling, burning candles in vigil, etc...and contributing exactly nothing to the legal proceedings inside.

Similar displays occured -- and still occur, where applicable -- at trials involving gay rights, religious expression, nova rights...and the ever-popular celebrity trial, a group of which your trial is most certainly a member, with old nova rights issues tied in tangentially for good measure.

All things considered, you're best off pretending that the protestors don't exist. The jury won't get to see them, the prosecution and defense won't get to reference them, and the spotlight that the media shines on them will -- with the exception of particularly pro- or anti-nova media outlets, where your preferred fate has already been decided by editors and readers/viewers alike -- show them in such a way as to largely cancel each other out.

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