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Aberrant RPG - Authority / Justice League Elite in Aberrant


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Hello, everyone. My current Aberrant campaign has just finished its´ second "season" - timeline-wise, we´re done with WW Phase 1.

After doing quite some reading, I thought about introducing a concept that´s been bouncing around my head for some time: What if a superpowered group entered the Aberrant scene and started acting like the Authority - only they aren´t the PC:s?

My group of PC.s are currently Utopia-affiliated, though that might change - they´re frustrated with their lot as a "go there, do that" T2M group, and would like to make their own changes on the world on a larger scale. I thought it would be interesting to challenge their morals with throwing in a bunch of powerhouses that have decided that they are going to set their foot down and change the world today, and damn the consequences - basically, the Authority. I can´t use the Ellis characters, of course - everyone read Stormwatch and Authority as required homework before we started up the campaign. I am, however, considering to use the characters created by Joe Kelly in Action Comics #775, and extrapolated in JLA #100 and later the spinoff JLELite - the team led by Machester Black´s sister.

I´m thinking about this because I like (the most of) the team, because they make a cool visual and because no one in my group has read about them.

I´m writing all of this because I want your help to stat them - and to add that if you´ve got concepts/Stats for prospective Authoritarian idealistic world-beaters, I´d like to take part of them as well. Ideally, I´ll mix this up with the WWP2 adventure "Dominion".

We´ve got:

* Sister Superior (Basically a cyborg - that´s gotta go, but you could go with the Engineer mold and make the whole body machine stuff be taint effects. This is cool. As for powers, ehe would have a lot of QB (the machinegunney stuff), force fields and some armor... along with the more subtle cloaking effects that can be simulated with Copycat and the like.)

* Coldcast (Has anyone got a clear idea of just what he does? He seems to do a lot of elektricity/electromagnetic stuff; I´m thinking a powerhouse with some heavy area effects, EMP, and perhaps electricity anima.)

* Menagerie : My favourite of the bunch. Bonded with some sort of insect bioweapon hive - again, lovely Taint, as well as excuses for a lot of poison- and bioweapon-themed SFX.

Ideas? Thoughts?

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If you're going to make a powerhouse team that's trying to effect change on the world, they're going to need a few things.

You've got a few options for making it believable:

1. Backers, contacts, behind the scenes support out the wazoo. Even the Authority characters had this, just not obviously. They can't be tied to the UN (it's in Utopia's pocket), but they can have associates, friends, and backers amongst several powerhouse countries. This way, Utopia can be blocked from taking large scale direct action, and the world governments are less likely to put up big money to have DeVries wipe them out.

This can also give this new group a sinister edge, if they're backed by the right countries.

2. Or, they could have minimal contacts with official governments, and be a front for another group. Perhaps they're a new faction of the Teragen. Or a front group for Proteus. If you set this up right, then you could have them doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons. Putting down bloody revolutions in totalitarian countries, but in such a way that a new, stable dictator is put in place. Lots of fun to be had here.

3. Or they're exactly what they seem like. A bunch of very powerful Novas who want to make a difference in the world, and don't like the way Utopia is doing it. This is probably what you're aiming for, but the other methods have their merits.

If you're going to do it that way, you're going to have to make them so dangerous that Utopia can't risk a direct confrontation (sending Pax and co.). This danger could come from them having a hyper-mental/hyper-social sphinx style character on the team. Or have them be absolutely badass powerhouses. Or something even more creative.

In any case, the idea is good and sounds like fun. Have at it.

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If you are looking at power, do consider the power levels of Team Tomorrow and the top members of the Teragen.

Otherwise, they are nothing but a bunch of terrorists.

Also, don't forget the power of Mega-Socials on the masses. Could come in handy.

As for having the support of a nation: if it was a permanent member of the Security Council, they could block Utopian measures meant to stop this group.

The US, Russia, Great Britian, France, China.

A subtle take-over/co-option of Russia gives the group alot of flexibility.

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A few things you should bare in mind Utopia is backed by a group of people wile they tend to have the same goals, they do not always share the same meathods.

The Untided states, China, and maybe some of the other G8's could have more than enough backing to flat out spend Utopia.Note that the US has a cerdit card in the trillions,and still spends over bugit for years on end. Even if Utopia is the biggest fish in the pound, it is not so big that it would risk out right war with countries that could nuke the world.

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Thank you for all the advice, people.

What I´m going for is a group of frustrated, massively powered people - I´ve also been giving the matter of backing some thought. There´s several different options here, of course - my favourite option so far is that the "Authority" is backed by an individual or organization that, unbeknownst to them, has interest that counter their own basic "liberal fascism" concept.

Maybe someone with a great deal of influence - such as Sierka or even Thetis? Funding by a splinter cell of Proteus - a conspiracy within the conspiracy, if you will - is also a definite possibility. All of this would mean that the characters, should they choose to oppose the group, have other means to halt their crusade but to try to step up and hit them until they scream and bleed.

I´m thinking of replacing Slaniskovich´s team with these characters for the "Dominion" arc now - it seems a better choice for me since the adventure is plagued by irredeemably evil "bad guys" whose only motivations (with few exceptions) seems to be that they like to kill, maim and destroy (and wants some bling to go with that).

Checklist for prospective worldbeaters:

* A high-Quantum Nova. 6 or 7 ... the thought makes me shake a little in my boots. It would make for nice possibilities, though; I´ve been giving some thought to Crosstime Travel, to let them turn up with unexpected resources - depending on just how wild I´d like this to be, of course.

* Some real combat bastards. At least one "brick" powerhouse in the Superman mold. Preferrably people with interesting takes or visuals, which is why I wanted to rip off the Elite.

* Teleporter or Warper. Since the PC group already has a competent Warper, I´m going for a teleporter with an Area extra - working out some cool rationale for that as I write.

* Some sort of hard-to-assail home base. This is not so hard, but I´d like something with punch. Considering a spatial knot - "dreamland" - accessible through the powers of an "ally" of the group - a near-morose, if powerful, young Nova.

* A powerful backer - even if it´s not an employer relationship. This provides the group with an intelligence network and someone to doublecross/get doublecrossed by. Potential room for scheming by PC group.

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Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith:
I'd add in a telepath.
Hmm. Yes, that has crossed my mind. I just try to keep the PC:s out of head-to-head confrontations with telepaths, because they don´t have one themselves.

Then again, it could be exciting.
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One of the key things you missed was someone who can see the future. Or maybe evn somoen who can travel into it. Timing is evrything. Knowing when to strike is often more important than what you strike with. Say if the Nazi's acted faster after D-day, the whole world would have changed.

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Good point Blue.

BTW, It doesn't have to be a "head to head" match up, and it shouldn't be.

When I direct characters with Telepathy I don't try to read the mind of the big bad guy. I try for his wife, or his pilot, or his weakest ally (or whomever).

Telepathy's real power is in finding out where your foes are, what they are planning, and what their secrets are.

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