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[OpNet] Let's see.


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Biten, Blasted, Poisoned, Burned, Sliced, Slashed, Bled and Beaten.

Love is a battlefield or at least I seem to make it that way. I said we aren't for dinner and a movie. Well I guess that's a lie. I am just not for a dinner and a movie unless it is at a drive in..

It's frustrating, it hurts. I know she doesn't mind that I try and play the field. Every time she goes to bat she hits a grand slam home run. Every time I do I strike out.

Unlike most young men or new Novas I am not sowing my wild oats. Apparently they are two wild or just not human enough.

Well enough of this pity party. She tends to get mad when I get whiney.

But one last thing. It's hard to just take care of it yourself with all the sharp sharp claws in the way.

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