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[OpNet] New gear.


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So my new opwear came the other day. Endeavor amuses me. She says oh it's just a copy "I make two of everything." she doesn't bother mentioning that the second is usually a better version than the first. Still it fits well and despite what happened with the old one I am glad to have it again.

I realized today the net is my life line. At least socially speaking. If I didn't have it I might lose myself.

I dunno maybe I am kidding. Maybe this technoshaman look I tend to have going is just a farce. In the end maybe this won't matter. Or maybe it will be all that matters.

P.S. Playing pretend out in the badlands is fun.

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The optic reader was improved on by roughly 25%, and the batteries themselves have a better chemical formulation.

I also figured out how to get a little more juice out of a solar panel. Using a photo-reactive gel in the panels, it creates an electric charge. It pretty much converts heat to electricity. Very efficiently I might add.

As for the voice recog, I did an upgrade on all my software, that also meant everything in storage. Thank myself for remembering to add a wireless port to that rig. I would ahve had to spend months, not hours, on the upgrade.

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