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[OpNet] Insults to rage.


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I have grown up with insults. You get used to them. I mean how many times can you hear some Red Neck scream Drunk Injun before you just accept it.

Now however I get calls of Aberrant, Freak, Demon etc etc... mixed in. I just have to suck it up. I can't go over and punch the guy like I once might have.

What bothers me more than this is the fact that so many Terats and it seems more just Novas in general are using Monkey. Well it certainly in one utterance proves that we are not any different than them. In my opinion it's every bit as unacceptable as Gook, Spic, Nigger and any other racial slur I can think of but we use it more and more everyday.

So do me a favor if you are around me don't say it. I don't want to hear it and keep in mind just because I can't punch a Human through a wall for calling me an Aberrant Drunken Injun doesn't mean the same applies to you if you start slinging insults. You'll probably survive it.

I feel so PC now but it doesn't change the fact it all bothers me.

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