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[OpNet] I am sooo utterly bored.


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Still working on my GED, other than that I have been doing nothing at all these past few months. I go out and scrape my claws to make pretty shapes, I play with my smoke and visions and try to see my new power. In the end though I don't feel challenged, content or entertained.

So my options are.

A. Try some Elite work.

B. Volunteer for some charitable causes.

C. XWF again. (Shudder)

D. See if Utopia will give me a job.

E. Become a full blown Terat and kill some Mayor.

F. Sign up for the Army.

G. Summer Internship with various Corp.

I. Take up offer to do Furry Nova Porn for an Opsite. (Includes having a cast done of my wang. confused )

So, those are my options.....

Any opinions or got anything else to add?

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Sure, I've always got opinions.

A. You'd be good as an elite, but I wouldn't recommend the job to anybody. Great money, but I never figured you for the glory and fear type.

B. A wonderful idea. I'd suggest crusading for endangered species. Or working with the feds to catch drug smugglers.

C. Don't.

D. Of course they will. You probably wouldn't like it, though.

E. You're choice. You might do well as a Terat, but I thought you were more attached to your people than that.

F. Ooh, now there's a lose-lose situation. Less money and less choice than Elite work, with the up-side being patriotism and the down side being jail time if you're not good at following orders.

G. Depending on the Corp., that's a pretty good idea. Triton would love to have you, as would a half dozen other research facilities I know. Unless you enjoy being poked and prodded, though, don't take the research jobs.

I. laugh I'm sure you'd have fun.

You missed H, so here's my own:

H. Teach yourself a martial art, or find yourself a nova sensei. Not just learn to fight, from everything I've heard, your instincts are more than up to that task. Real Martial Arts are as much about self discovery and self mastery as about learning how to protect yourself.

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I like the H. Idea but how do you find a Nova that has time to sit down and go this with you. I've sort have been taught how to fight over the past year off and on by Apep but she comes and goes. I doubt many would have time to devot to me and it's not like I can pay huge sums for it.

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Well, take a look at it logically. You call yourself Totem because you're aspected after animals. Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Coyote, others. I'd suggest starting with a martial art that's aspected in the same way, for instance the various animal styles of Chinese Kung Fu. You'll also need to find an un-traditional teacher, but I gaurentee that any nova Kung Fu master you find is going to be bucking tradition in some way.

Kung Fu master's aren't exactly easy to come by, and finding one that errupted is going to make the traditional 'quest for a master' look simple. (I'm only insisting on a nova master for you because I don't think a baseline master would be able to adapt the art to the student while simultaneously surviving the training.) You've got two options here.

You can go the traditional route, and listen to rumors of a wise Kung Fu master, then journey in search or him. Or you could ask around on Prime. I mean, Jager, Neil, Walker, half a dozen others. They'll probably (each) be able to name one or two errupted martial arts masters.

I'd actually recommend the first route, though. The second one feels like cheating. Or you could compromise, and ask who to look for but not where to find him.

If you look, you'll find someone.

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