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[OpNet] Practice makes??


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So I am working on getting my GED I actually take some evening classes at the school. I tell them not to cut me any slack I need to do this just like anyone else.

So my days have been practicing with Quantum born abilities and the nights are education. I figured I was simply wasting to much time just laying around and sleeping for thirteen hours at a stretch. I think I am on to something, a new power maybe, something. It's not coming easy and I don't want to go into detail with it until I know for sure.

On other fronts I am proceeding with my sculpting as well. It helps me keep my focus and emotions in check. I wouldn't say I am getting good at it yet but they please my eye at least.

Lastly, she comes and she goes. I get a snippet here and there of wisdom and riddle. She keeps me calmed even if that isn't her intent in doing so.

I decided to look into Egyptian Mythos to learn a little more about her. I think she might see me as the Sphinx or Ammut 'the Devourer'. But maybe that is just me trying to read to much into things. But if Apep had a consort it would likely be Ammut.

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Originally posted by Totem:
I didn't want to bother anyone about it. You have things you are recovering and resolving in your life right now. I don't want to interfere with that.

It sure doesn't seem easy.
Don't worry, this takes little effort, and I'm much better right now thatn I was a while back. >_<
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