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[OpNet] The thing is.


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Maybe I will lose points in my courtship for this post. I doubt it though. I never considered what I have for her, or what we share something that is rated in points. So anyway.

I don't think Ashnod is evil.


Aloof, Arrogant, Self-righteous and tad belittling perhaps. But I don't put her on the naughty list like some of the others do. I know what she tries to do, but she is no Orzaiz about it. I don't think she is even trying to be. She doesn't give us a spoonful of honey with our medicine. Maybe it would go down better if she did.

I almost think people on here are willing to harm her because of what she says. Despite her considerable power I still don't want her to be harmed. (for more than just personal reasons)I have to assume by putting herself in the position she has she understands and accepts that she might be harmed because of it.

She is allowed to say what she says.

It's not like she has horns, tail or cloven hooves. (we'll leave that to me and Cull) I just find it odd the more I read the more I think if Ashnod said the sky is blue some would immediately jump up and insist that it is green.

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You know Totem. I think your right.

I haven't made any comment in the recent discussions because I have strong opinions about nova/baseline relations. So I try to keep them to myself.

And while I disagree with Ashnods categorization of Novas (human = baseline and nova = new species), I will acknowledge that it is her opinion. And as her opinion I respect it.

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Lucifer was the most beautiful of angels.

We do not live in Heaven, or Hell. The truth is not always comforting, or even welcome.

Since there probably aren't two dozen novas who could hurt Ashnod, you shouldn't worry so much.

Have you ever considered that she is more cautious than most Sphinxes for a reason? We are all probably better off with some taint-hating nut going after Ashnod than Orzaiz. Not only are we far more likely to be rid of the nut, Orziaz's death would likely incense the Teragen into irrational action, while Ashnod's would terrify them into inaction.

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I don't agree with everything the lady says. I just notice there is a 'Ashnod Post Rapid Response Team' in place on the forums so that the moment she opens her mouth someone is already there bashing her for it and telling her she is wrong. In the year I have been on here that has ALWAYS been the case anytime I have seen her post.

Now you are right, not many could hurt her. But it only takes one. The only reason that I do not think she is dead already is 1. She is smart enough to keep herself out of danger. 2. Those who want her mouth shut do not want the martyr she will become if she dies.

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Totem, Project Utopia spokespeople go gunning for Count Orzaiz whenever he opens his mouth about the Teragen, so the response here againts Ashnod isn't all that unusual.

There are two violently opposed points of view at work here.

What are novas? Were do they belong? Who are they responsible to?

The problem that Ashnod and others face is that they are assualting the accepted paradigm. Novas are human, we belong to the greater human society, and we have a greater responsibility (just ask your tribe).

When you attack this, you invite a violent response because what you are saying is that novas DO NOT BELONG with the rest of humanity.

Do you really appreciate the chaos, fear, suffering, and pain that comes from being the only one you are responsible to?

It is more than "I can do whatever I please".

If you are not human, what are you? Why are you so different from not only baselines, but other novas? What are you becoming? Do you have a future?

There is alot of fear at this cross-roads.

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Well I am looking for answers. I have from the moment this first popped into my life. How am I supposed to think or act? I know I am not human. Does that force me outside my tribe? No. Does it make me less accepted? No. In fact I am more important now.

Regardless of what is said on here by people obviously smarter and wiser than me I have to decide on my own. I have to think for myself. At least all the butting heads on here give me plenty to think about and let me see a good portion of my options.

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