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[OpNet] Ibiza.


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Way to much partying. I never even knew the things some Novas did for a good time. Just because you can regenerate doesn't mean you should do what you where doing. You know who you are.

I saw her a few times during the night. She was amid her own. She didn't approach me and I didn't go to her. She gave me a glance across the room and it had to be enough. She doesn't need a lovesick pup underfoot when she is out trying to have a good time. Maybe she did want me to come to her maybe she wanted to introduce me. Fuck I dunno I just kept the distance.

Anyway on another note..

Apparently the rule in the Amp Room is that if you have your sex organs exposed you must be asking for them to be touched. I gave up flinching and trying to figure out who was doing it after the 20th time it happened. I guess I should ponder some Eufiber if I don't want it happening again... Then again maybe not.

I did get an offer from a rather nice looking shape shifter to have a female griffin for a change. I cannot recall if I took her up on it or not. That was around my 20th Amp. I don't recall much that happened after 9PM.

Happy new year!

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Totem, I hope you do realize the Amp Room isn't at full in-season swing right now. Its a matter of taste but a lot of the regular in-season festivities make private parties look like a bris. Unless the Count, Slattern or Utopia's PR director (whose name I can't recall but she's got the most incredible eyes) is hosting. Then all bets are off. So private parties are not bad. You can do pretty much anything and not worry about getting kicked to the curb unless you annoy the host/ess. Which, with the three aforementioned dignitaries of the tribe, is almost impossible to do.

Really sorry I missed that party. Been hearing stories about it for days. Unfortunately I had an opportunity I just couldn't pass up.

Salamander it only sounds that way because life has to be experienced instead of described. Skip the electrical tape though. As much as I like the retro look sometimes, you can do better. If you give me some warning the latex spray job is on the house. I'll even find you a place to crash so you don't have to deal with the beach crashing (not bad but subject to annoyances like reporters) or the hotels (reporters again plus you need big bucks to do it in style). The Europeans aren't nearly as breast crazy as the Americans anyway.

Hey! I've been thinking of doing a series of contrasting elemental pieces for my upcoming showcase. Hot/cold, light/dark, etc.

You interested?

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