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[OpNet] 08/05/14 - I want you to hit me as hard as you can.


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First night out. Short flight.

We had to stop after about an hour into it. Riding on me bareback (Yes I know. SHUT UP) didnt seem to work for a longer flight. So we spent two hours at a tack and harness store getting me fitted with a saddle (Yes I know. SHUT THE HELL UP mad ) It seemed to do the trick and I don't mind helping Neil out really. Not to mention watching him walk aroun bow legged is terribly amusing. smile

The mobile Opnet device Sakurako hooked me up with is working fine. Hell I dunno if I will ever go back to a PC again when I got this little gizmo. Domo arigato (sp?) Sakurako!

Tomorrow we meet up with April for a Nova Feast. This should be interesting.

Side note: Took a slight wrong turn and ended up in Des Moines for the night. I tend to scare people who are not expecting to see me gawk or scream it seems the most common form of reaction. It angers me and saddens me at the same time.

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