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[OpNet] 08/04/14 - Almost set.


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Neil will be here sometime tomorrow afternoon and we are off. I don't need to pack a lot. Not like I wear anything.... wink

I managed to get my passport taken care with not TO much hassle. I had to go through the BIA office to get it and since I know most of the people who work there it made it a little easier. However what was not easier was getting the picture taken.

I went to Kinko's in Rapid City to get it done. First of all I nearly started a panic when I landed. Some idiot almost hit me with his landrover in the parking lot. A little girl tried to give me a quarter for a ride. And when I finally managed to squeeze through the doors the guy made me wait almost ten minutes. Okay so when this huge animal creature comes in and asks to have his picture taken you might want to do it in a hurry since it looks like he is about to go APESHIT!! It's a good thing I had an Ipod to distract me. That is all I will say on that.

So I finally settled on a color for the pic. Just a nice brown seemed to fit me well. He took the picture and I left. Only to find out later I could have used a cropped photo from one of the pictures of my photo shoot a few months back as my passport photo!!! :rolleyes:

And how was your day?

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