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[OpNet] 08/10/14 - Goth Griffin?


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I figured I shouldn't be a coward or beat around the bush about things anymore. So I unlocked the post I made yesterday about what happened and I came out and told Neil. I am still not sure he really understands all that occured. Maybe I am not explaining it to him right. I do know he gives me a sympathetic look that I don't really want right now. (Yeah I know you're reading this so cut it out!)

We got into L.A. this morning and are planning on going to the Starlord's for dinner later this evening. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in the door. I have noticed of late I am getting better at squeezing through tight spaces. Maybe my body is trying to adjust to a world made for smaller people.

On a side note Neil thinks the Goth look I have going at current is a direct result of her venom. He wanted to help me get the last of it out of my system but I refused. I keep holding onto it, I just don't want to let her go.

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