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[OpNet] 08/09/14 - Wounds.


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[Time index is a little off with this one but I wanted to add it while the story was still fresh]

I've met back up with Neil. Being Neil he tried to heal me of course, but I wouldn't let him. I healed myself only enough to fly back to Kanab and the hotel he was staying at while he waited on me.

After the attack she left me, I think what I said might have been the reason. I lay there the rest of the day and night letting her venom course through my veins. Trying to figure out what had happened. Why did she do this, why was this the only way she could show me, why was it the only way to teach me.

I've been a fool. I fell in love with one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. What did I expect. Dinner and a movie, capped with maybe a little heavy petting? (Yeah that's really fucking funny coming from me) I'm lucky she didn't kill me. When she brought me down I was sure it was over. Instead she whispered in my ear like lovers making pillow talk. I understand what she wants me to learn. But does she understand what I want from her? Fuck, do I even know that. One just doesn't casually say. "Oh Apep? Yeah she's my girl." What did I want her to say in return? "Oh Totem I love you to let's run off together." Yeah right.

Neil hasn't spoke much since we got back out on the road. He keeps eyeing me up and I know he is wondering if he can get away with healing me without me noticing him. To be honest I think he wants to ask me about what happened, I am just not ready to yet.

I still feel numb from her venom..... Or maybe it's from something else she did to me.

P.S. My feathers & fur have been jet black since the fight. I can't change them to anything else.

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