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[OpNet] 07/26/14 - I am no devil.


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Yesterday as I was judging an art competition I was attacked.

It didn't feel like much of threat. People where milling about looking at various paintings and artwork inside a dome that had been set aside for the contest. I had been inside looking at each piece for over an hour when it happened. She was the most unthreatening older woman I ever saw. She looked like a grand mother who you always wanted to go visit because she cooked so well. I wasn't paying that much attention at first, I was trying to focus on the art.

I heard her start crying and could smell the metal tang of gunmetal and oil but I was confused as I turned to her. It was a revolver, a large one. It seemed out of place being held by such a petite woman as her. I was in shock I couldn't believe what was happening. I heard the hammer click back as she screamed. "This is for murdering my family demon! Praise be to god!"

The roar of the gun peeled through the dome instantly sending people alight like jumping wild birds on a cool fall morning. She was a decent shot, the bullet struck me right in the beak. Doing absolutely nothing but zinging with a high pitched whine. I could have reacted but yet I still couldn't believe what was going on. She just kept pulling the trigger. I was pelted in the chest and arm but I hardly felt pain from it. The cylinder clicked on as she tried to fire the empty revolver. Her eyes where alive with defiance, grief and overwhelming hate.

"Come on demon!" She challenged me with an empty gun that didn't matter if it was still loaded. Then I realized something. She wanted me to kill her, suicide by Nova. The feral part of me wanted to just give her what she wanted but I kept control easily (for a change :rolleyes: ) I did however smell blood in the air. I saw a man clutching a bloody shoulder wound. The first round that struck my beak richocheted and hit him. I looked back at the woman to see her shaky hands trying to reload the pistol with bullets from her purse. That was enough I reached down and gingerly wrapped my hand around her. Careful to not hurt her but not letting her move any further. I heard deputies moving in to the dome and I called for them, telling them there was a wounded man here.

The woman still had the hateful look in her but it began to crack with fear. She began to chant the lords prayer as I held her, seeming to work herself into a trance like state while doing so. I told the sheriff she still had the gun in her hand so they took her down pretty hard when I released her.

I gave my side of events to Sheriff White-Elk and then went to visit the injured man. Luckily it had been a grazing shot. I apologized for what happened and the man told me it wasn't my fault as they loaded him into the ambulance for the long ride to the hospital in Rapid City.

Today I found out the woman's name was Susan Goodman. The wife of Joseph and mother of Hezikiah Goodman. Two of the men who attacked me last spring when the Michaelites tried to do me in. The two men along with others tried to destroy me and in turned where destroyed themselves. I can only figure she wanted to join her family and she failed. They moved her to a pshyciatric hospital after she completely broke down yesterday evening.

I had considered that the Church might try again during the Pow Wow. But this woman seemed to go on her own accord for vengeance. Of course if I would have broke down and killed her even though she was no threat to me I am sure that would have been spun in the worst way possible.

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Your restraint is admirible, Totem. I'm sorry I hadn't been there in time. I was at another dome dismantling displays and prepping it for storage, when I heard over the security radio what was going on. By the time I got there, you had already released her from your "Citizen's Arrest" to the authorities. If I had been there, your officer friends would have had to remove quite alot of hardened gel from that woman.

I should really consider my security when operating in the US more closely.

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