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[OpNet] 07/24/14 Whoopdee Doo.


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Apparently the contract for the photoshoot I did with Mr. Najarian has gotten finished up. Dodge has offered me 50 million dollars to use my image and likeness for a new SUV they have in the works. Their Rep came by today while I was watching the Junior Rodeo. The Dodge Gryphon with a 650 horse power HyperHemmy Engine. It looks pretty sharp all told but it's not like I'd ever drive one. :rolleyes:

So 50 million for my image and if I agree to do some commercial spots I would recieve another 10 per commercial.. I always figured I would have to be an Elite, XWF or super genius to be rich. Turns out my looks alone will do it. If I accept.....

God why do I feel like the Whore of Babylon about this. I mean I could be making HUGE money with this whole deal. I wouldn't even have to keep the money for myself. It would help the sioux out immensely around here. I have until August 15th to decide before they rename and repackage the SUV for it's autoshow rollout. It's a lot of money.

I still feel dirty. confused

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Totem, feeling dirty is a normal response when exposed to Lawyers and their unholy parphenalia. The brief case of doom. The contracts of despair. Ect. wink

I have to confess I once thought of sponsoring an amerindian tribe. I hope you don't take offense but the thought of taking a group and helping them develop was quite appealing. I changed my mind for two reasons. The first is that its a long term proposition and I was uncertain as to whether I'd have the time to devote to their success given my obligations. The second was that I met you in these forums and realized there was life happening even in that tiny corner of the world called the Reservations.

I elected not interfere because I couldn't guarantee a positive outcome and my assistance wasn't necessary. It seems to me that you have a similar choice to make.

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