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[OpNet] 7/20/14 - Why even bother?


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I log onto the opnet these days and don't have much to say really. It seems to have changed or at least revealed it's true self to me. All sides are screaming their point. Monsters and Psychopaths are trying to argue their point by screaming and ridicule with a dash of murder to drive it home.

A lot of people say Novas are not human but it seems like we bicker and fight like children. I just don't have much left to say to those who only come to do that.

I came to learn how others dealt with what they have become. To share my own problems and see if maybe I could find guidance. I think I have found some who can but I have found many others who would rather gnash their teeth and bitch.

On a side note. I have actually pondered adopting a more Terat lifestyle, but their seperationist attitude I simply cannot overcome. I can live among my people. I care for them they care for me. They know I am not human anymore and I realize that myself. There has to be a middle ground, I have to find it.

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