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[OpNet] 07/19/14 - The Maiden


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I had that dream again...

You'd think with all the fun of the Pow Wow I wouldn't be brooding inside. I just can't get it out of my head.

I land amid the rolling plains. It feels like Montana to me but I have never seen the extact spot. It is sunset and I see a silhouette of a young maiden. She wears a deerskin skirt and tunic like the ancestors. I watch her for a moment before I realize she is soaked in blood and holds a Tomahawk in one hand while her other arm looks limp and shattered. Her eyes seem to hold infinite sadness and I cannot look at her for long before my heart aches to the breaking point.

She falls to her knees and the ax drops to the dirt beside her. I can hear her heart struggling to beat but there is not enough blood left to keep her going, it is all around her in the prairie dirt. I rush forward to help her or at least hold and comfort her in her last moment, instead I awake screeching and clawing the night air.

I am not sure what it means but she seems to haunt me every night now. What do you want ghost? What are you asking me to do? What are you trying to teach me?

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