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<table width="100%" border="0" align="center"><tr> <td><font size="5">Bio-Titanium</font>

A Eufiber symbiot designed by Mitsubishi-Daimler consortium, designed to provide lightweight armor for their luxury car line. Initially considered restricted technology, the process for making Bio-Titanium was released as open source technology in defiance of Project Utopia's efforts to keep it from the general public.

Designed by a very powerful Bio-Manipulator (it has been rumored that Gabriel Melchior designed this prior to his incarceration by Project Utopia and sold it to the consortium to raise funds) Bio-Titanium is a living "organic" ceramic that produces a residue, which forms into a hardened shell of titanium as a form of defense.

The Bio-Titanium actually feeds off quantum residue provided by Eufiber, and in turn acts to strengthen and protect its Eufiber host.

Several major technology advancements came out of Bio-Titanium, the most widely used is Bio-Titanium Body Armor (BBA)


Prototype introduced 2007.

Released to public 2008

Advanced Model available 2014

Final Model released 2025

Summary: A thin, lightweight body armor that works in combination with Eufiber to add protection for the wearer in most combat situations with a minimal addition of weight.

Advanced models of BBA strengthened the protective ability, added hand-to-hand weapons, small tools, two-way communications devices and climbing assistance technology. Some specifically designed later versions were said to contain glider wings, rebreathers and an elaborate night vision heads up display technology.

Game Effects:

Prototype: Nova must own Eufiber of at least ONE dot. The BBA drains one quantum point per week from the Nova's Eufiber. Nova may recharge normally. BBA adds 3 soak to Bashing and Lethal, and may be concealed under the Eufiber during non-combat situations. Like Eufiber, it is considered attuned to the wearer.

This was the same version released commercially to novas in 2008.

Bio-Titanium will not show up on metal detectors when concealed under Eufiber.

Advanced version: Many proto-types of the advanced versions were available prior to 2014, but only through powerful Government or Elite connections. Advanced versions require Eufiber of at least two dots.

Advanced BBA (Called….you guessed it….ABBA) Adds 5 to the Bashing and Lethal soak of the wearer, and requires a Eufiber rating of 2 to operation in base mode (defense only) and Eufiber 3 for full features. It consumes a quantum point per day. ABBA lets the user form 18" spikes or blades with the armor that add 4 d 10 L to brawling or MA attacks. It also lets the user form small, intricate tools (based on and Engineering roll, ST determines difficulty) that the nova may need to assist with Legerdemain, Intrusion or Engineering rolls.

The nova has a two-way communications device implanted in the suit, slightly more versatile and reliable than a cell phone, with an optional GPS.

Furthermore, when the nova may climb at +5 meters per turn while wearing the suit, and add one auto success to any climbing roll required by the ST.

Ultra Advanced: Novas quickly personalized their ABBAs with additional abilities based on need. Each additional ability costs one quantum per day, so overloading on additions could actually cause the ABBA to starve to death.


  1. Glider Wings. Take a controlled glider ride at 10 meters per turn. Pilot roll at standard difficulty keeps the glider from losing altitude.
  2. Rebreather. 30 mins of air for use when you don't have Adaptability.
  3. Nightvision-binocs. Lets the user see at night, and improve his distance perception by 2 auto successes.

Others as approved by the ST.


</i> Prototype: Available for Device rating 3, or backing rating 3 from large (relevant) corporations.

Marketed: BBA Cost four dots in 2008. Three dots in 2012 and beyond.

ABBA: Five dots in 2012. Four dots in 2018.

<i>Ultra ABBA: Rather than adding additional costs to the ABBA, each add on should cost 4 separate dots. The continued quantum cost prevents most novas from abusing these advantages.

Known Flaws: As long as the BBA is activated, EuFreeze, or other Eufiber targeted attacks will have no effect. However, if the Eufiber is hit prior to BAA activation, the armor will not activate until the attack is no longer in effect.

Underpowered BBA can quickly starve to death. Without the requisite amount of quantum, BBA will become inoperative in 8 hours, and die in 24 hours. Special low level nuclear "shirt boxes" became available in 2016 (at a cost of 4 dots) to help keep inactive BBA alive longer. </td></tr></table>

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<table width="100%" border="0" align="center"><tr> <td>

<font size="5">Monster Slayer, Mk II (2009)</font>

Make: Christiansen-Winchester

Type: Type: Lever Action 40mm Grenade Rifle.

Ammo: 40mm rounds, typically shaped charges, in an eight round clip. Can fit any type of grenade, but requires specific fitting for clip action.

Description: Often confused with a Grenade Launcher, the Monster Slayer, Mk II is actually a highly accurate Grenade Rifle. A sighting system is built into the gun, and fed into an optics piece either external (monocle) or internal (contact lens) worn by the shooter to improve accuracy.

The MS, Mk II is a very heavy gun at 30 kilos unloaded, but it can rip apart conventional armor when using shaped charge rounds, quickly rendering most light and medium armored cavalry inoperative.

Appearance: It is often commented that the MS, Mk II looks like a modern (albeit giant) version of the Winchester Lever Action 1876, due to the heavy leaver required to load the grenades into the firing chamber with each shot. Unlike the rather ungainly and less accurate Thompson Grenade Launcher, the MS, Mk II is elegant and quite streamlined as it doesn't require the Thompson's bulky auto loading wheel. Also, while the Thompson and other modern grenade launchers require that you exclusively use their ammo clip to fire the weapon, the MS, Mk II gives the user versatility by allowing muzzle loading (like a mortar), when a quick ammo type change is required.

Advanced Model: Four dots in 2012. Three dots in 2014. Reduce by one dot for every two years there after.


<table width="90%" border="0"><tr> <td> </td><td>Accuracy</td><td>Range</td><td>Damage</td><td>Resources</td><td nowrap>Weight /with full ammo</td></tr><tr> <td> </td><td>+0/+2* </td><td>900</td><td>10d10[8]**</td><td>****</td><td>30kilo/40kilo***</td></tr></table>

* With Laser Optics

** Other Grenade types do different damange

*** Requires Str 4 to use in combat or -4. </td></tr></table>

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<font size="5">Advanced Anti-Nova Weaponry</font>

The Directive commissioned Lockheed and Deutcha-Tech to develop new systems that would be effective against the majority of novas (Non Titan class) without having to result to wide area weapons. These tactical weapons can be controlled on a strategic level, but have a kill radius of 20 meters or less, reducing their collateral damage on civilian targets. In practice, many civilians were killed by both of these weapon systems. Some still existed long after the Aberrant war ended, especially in France and North America.

<font size="4">The Lockheed AANW, aka Laughing Larry </font>

A large flying ball 6 feet in diameter. It can be remotely controlled from a hand unit with a range of 500 meters or from satellite telemetry from anywhere on Earth. On the bottom half of the ball are hundreds of flechette ports that, when open, give off the unnerving sound (in combination with the spin stabilization) that gives the Laughing Larry their peculiar name.

The Laughing Larry is used to defend soft targets from attack. A soldier or government agent can move with impunity through masses of lightly armed targets. The amount of flechettes fired by the LL make them an incredibly destructive anti-personnel instrument when controlled by satellite or hand unit, even against lightly armored or entrenched opposition. Most Novas will also find facing a Larry a bit unnerving given the incredible amount of damage potential that it possesses.

Date: 2012

A Laughing Larry Mark I has flight speed of 20 meters per turn.

It has an endurance of 4 hours of flight time.

360 degree vision

12 L/B defense

Attack [4] 10d10 L, Area Effect .20 meter radius below the LL only. A Blind spot directly below of 1 meter width is a design feature, allowing a holder of the hand unit to call down a strike exactly on his position without being harmed.

6 attacks before requiring reloading.

Cost: Restricted Item (Materials cost 6 dots)

Date: 2020

Laughing Larry Mark II. Flight Speed of 30 meters per turn

Endurance of 6 hours, but fully automated with an AI that can seek a reload and recharge Station.

360 degree vision, radar and sonar.

14 L/B defense

Attack [8] 12 d 10, Area effect, 15 meter radius, with no blind spot.

5 attacks before reload of primary attack.

Special: Designed to resist cybernetic attack, add 3 difficulty to any cybernetic roll to Effect the Mark II.

Cost: Restricted Item (materials cost 6 dots)

<font size="4">The Deutche-Tech AANW, AKA Bounding Bonnie

</font> The Bounding Bonnie is based on the conventional anti-personnel mind that would spring 4 feet into the air before exploding and scattering shrapnel in a lethal swath. This Anti-Nova mine is triggered by the use of quantum within 5 meters of them.

As most non-Nova quantum sources have little or no mobility it was decided that these mines would help baseline defenders resist Nova attacks on fixed positions. This weapon, when triggered springs into the air and releases a pulse laser from 36 focus ports spaced around the device. These devices are designed with overlapping fields of fire. Optimal target range is 5 meters.

QB: Killing Attack [6] + 8d10

At 0-2 meter roll 1 attack

At 2-4 meters roll 2 attacks

At 4-6 meters roll 3 attacks

At 6-8 meters roll 2 attacks

At 8-10 meters roll 1 attack

Cost: Restricted (Materials 5 dots).

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<table width="100%" border="0" align="center"><tr><td><font size="5"><img src="http://www.nprime.net/images/waco.gif" width="400" height="300" align="right">Wrist Accessible Communicator (W.A.Co.)</font>

Total communications accessory, first focusing on replacing cell phones and OPTnet access, with GPS, Security and Health features. Later versions come equipped with VTV and holographic imaging.

Time Line:

Prototype introduced 2007.

Marketed to public 2010 Advanced Model available 2012

Summary: A total communications tool for the military that was developed into the primary communications device of the early 21st Century. W.A.Co.’s were developed by the US Military and WorldCom for use with the worldwide satellite communications networks, combining audio and visual communication, a global positioning system (GPS), Optnet access, a health monitoring system and a portable voice activated network computer.

Advanced models of the W.A.Co. allow for advanced Teleconferencing and Holographic projection abilities that were impressive, even considered lifelike in appearance in poor lighting (non-bright light) at mid to long range.

Game Effects: As described, the wearer has access to the above technologies with the prototype and public versions. When set to specific frequencies (even with timed frequency changes, using the process developed by Heddi Lamar) group communication, and information transfer becomes faster and more accurate. Generally, the ST should let the players access the Optnet from remote locations, perform computer functions, track other persons they have the “codes” for when using the GPS (and be tracked themselves).

Furthermore, the device gives 1 auto success to any medicine roll in the field when being used to diagnose the wearer’s condition, when examined by someone with a medicine roll of 1 or higher.

With the advanced effects, developed by Lucas Arts, the user can set up a Level one Holo of a limited mobility image that could fool targets not expecting such tactics, or display 3-D images that rival film graphics. Anyone expecting such a ploy receives a bonus on a perception roll at the ST’s discretion.


Prototype: Available for Device rating 1, or backing rating 2 from Military or WorldCom.

Marketed: Cost three dots in 2010. Two dots in 2012. One dot in 2014. Given away as promotional item after 2016, for guaranteed service contract with provider.

Advanced Model: Four dots in 2012. Three dots in 2014. Reduce by one dot for every two years there after.

Known Flaws: Scientists suspect prolonged exposure to microwave transmissions from Satellites cause cancer. (Novas with Adaptability or Mega Stamina 2 don’t have to worry about this.)

Some advanced technology will allow the blocking of signals to the user, allowing for the setting up of W.A.Co. jamming stations.</td></tr></table>

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<table width="100%" border="0" align="center"><tr> <td>

<font size="6">Great Scot!</font><font size="6"><font size="4">by</font><font size="5">muffinlad@yahoo.com</font></font> Maker/Designation: Christiansen-Winchester Mark III Auto Cannon

Type: Electro-Powered 6 barreled Gattling gun, with optional tripod mounting and high-density laser sighting. Made of high strength Titanium, combined with Ceramic and Eufiber components to keep weight below 100 lbs. (42 kilos approx.).

Ammo: 30 Caliber Eu-Teflon coated Titanium rounds with spent uranium core. 80 rounds on side mounted box (adds 35 lbs/16k.), or 250 rounds in belt form (adds 55lbs/25k.) This ammo is specifically designed to fire in this weapon, and is very expensive.

Design Origin: A fast attack weapon designed to be deployed with Law Enforcement and Military Agencies focused on combating novas, or defending themselves from armored vehicle attacks. Class III Dealer/Collector license is required to possess the weapon, but the ammo is not available through normal channels. The gun will fire regular 30mm ammo (simply take away the AP on the damage).

<font size="+1">Game Effects:</font><table width="75%" border="1" bordercolor="#000000" bordercolordark="#000000" bordercolorlight="#000000" bgcolor="#999999"><tr> <td> <table border="0" width="100%"><tr> <td nowrap>Damage </td><td nowrap>Range</td><td nowrap>ROF</td><td nowrap>Capacity</td><td nowrap>Mass</td><td nowrap>ACC:</td></tr><tr> <td nowrap>8d10 L-AP</td><td nowrap>1000</td><td nowrap>5/20</td><td nowrap>80/250 </td><td nowrap>42k</td><td nowrap>See Special Features.</td></tr></table></td></tr></table>


Gun: ****

Ammo: ** Box *** Belt

The Great Scot! Is able to fire in two modes, Burst Fire and Full Auto.

  1. Burst Fire discharges 5 rounds. Adds three dice to hit pool, but increases difficulty by 1.
  2. Auto Fire discharges 20 rounds. Adds 10 dice to hit pool, but increases difficulty by 2.

<font size="+1">Special Features and Restrictions: </font>

When combined with the advanced high density sighting laser (AHDSL), the Great Scot! becomes extraordinarily accurate (+2 dice to accuracy rolls up to 500 m). This adds 5 kilos to the weight of the gun.

This weapon may only be " hip fired" by persons with a combined Str/Might roll of 6 or higher. Naturally, novas with Mega Str 1 or higher automatically succeed. Anyone with Str/Might rolls of 5 or > would have to use the Tripod or suffer an additional 2 levels of difficulty.

The difficulty level to hit is reduced by one for either firing mode when being fired from the optional tripod. (+0 for Burst, +1 for Auto). The tripod is electronically deployed from the forward hand-grip, and takes one turn to fully implement. Users of the gun often call this the "Transformer", as it resembles technology from the now classic Transformer TV series from the latter part of the 20th century. The gun may not be fired while the Tripod is deploying.

<font size="+1">Tele-Presence Technology:</font>

For an additional $10k, the user can buy a Tele-Presence technology uplink that lets the Great Scot! be fired automatically from a distance. 270 degree vision, rear motion sensors and IV/UV operation let it spot, and take out most targets while the user is up to 3 kilometers away. Naturally, this feature is not available to the general public.

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<table width="100%" border="0"><tr><td><font size="6">Equalizer Armor</font>

<font size="6"><font size="4">by</font><font size="5"> psion@primary.net</font></font>

Only one prototype of this armor exists and is in the hands of Project Utopia. Its purpose was to allow ordinary baselines to match up to novas. It carries a computer linked weapons system consisting of two autocannons and one missile launcher that is rumored to very accurate and very deadly. The sensors can detect quantum energies up to a 500 ft. radius. What really stands out is the suit's ability to drain novas of their quantum power. It uses the stolen quantum to charge up a disruption system that helps to nullify nova powers and abilities. The suit is very powerful, but at a cost of 15 million dollars, doesn't seem too viable to military forces.

Armor: Provides 8B Soak and 6L Soak

Weapons: 2 Autocannons (fire-linked) (Damage: 12d10L [10]);

Missile Launcher (capable of holding one missile) Damage: 18d10L [14]

Special Equipment: Computer Linked Weapons and Targeting System adds +4 to accuracy while firing autocannons or missile launcher

Quantum Energy Sensors can detect strong amounts of quantum energy within a 500 ft. radius. Specific details are unknown but user can determine presence of novas.

Drains novas of their quantum points at a rate of 2 per turn. The suit must be touching the nova for this to work. For every 3 quantum points the suit drains, the nova loses one dot in a mega-attribute or power for Quantum +2 rounds. (Storyteller's discretion)

Other Notes: Provides equivalent of Mega-Strength 1. Novas who use this armor lose quantum points at a rate of 5 for every minute spent in the suit. If quantum pool reduced to zero, nova begins taking one bashing level of damage a round. (no soak against such damage).</div></td></tr></table>

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[size:+1]Smith And Wesson Mark XIX “Viper” <br/>

Type: Single Action or Three shot Burst

Chambering: .50 ElC

Length Overall: 10.24 in. - 260mm

Weight: 62 oz. - 1,715 g empty

Barrel length: 10" - 254mm

Magazine: 18 (.50 ElC)

<img src="http://www.nprime.net/images/sw-viper.gif" width="250" height="135" align="right">The Smith and Wesson Mark XIX “Viper” is an electrochemical, locked breech weapon that uses a stationary (but removable) barrel. The firing pin is replaced with an electrical contact, connected to a powerful battery. Powder is likewise replaced with a powerful chemical mix that super heats into plasma when electrocuted by sufficient voltage. A charge firearm is several times more powerful than a standard firearm.

The charge firearm uses electrochemical action to produce a super high muzzle velocity. A standard non-charge pistol might shoot a bullet with a velocity of 1,000 meters per second, but and electrochemical pistol can easily throw a slug at the rate of 3,000 meters per second. Consequently, the charge weapon shoots farther, flatter, and delivers more energy to the target. In fact, charge weapons have such a high muzzle velocity that special tumbling or expanding bullets must be used in order to deliver sufficient impact energy to the target.

Charge weapons require a clip of electrochemical cartridges, which resemble normal bullets, and a powerful batter capable of delivering shocks in the 40,000-volt range.

Mark XIX 'Viper'

Acc-+1; Dam-6L*; Rng-150; Mnv-MS, SA, TW; RoF-3 or 1 (see below), Clip-12, Conc-Jacket, Mass-0.7, Cost-&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Game Mechanics: The Mark XIX “Viper” is the latest in Anti-Nova firepower in 2016. It boasts an increased level power over the standard heavy pistol (6L) and includes an under barrel laser scope for increased accuracy (+1) with the additional feature of changing the lasers frequency into the ultra violet spectrum essentially making the beam invisible unless the operative has some means of seeing in the ultra violet spectrum.

The electrochemical propulsion of the weapon is a new technology (designed off the principal of electrocheical fuel cells) allowing the weapon’s range to be dramatically increased (tripled). The Viper hand cannon (as some novas are calling it) boasts the ability to fire a single action shot (RoF 3) or three round burst (only one burst is permitted per turn regardless of the rate of fire, unless some sort of extra action enhancement is used). Due to the increased velocity of the electrochemical sabot ammunition the weapon displays unparalleled armor piercing capabilities at short ranges (the Viper gains the armor piercing ‘extra’ when used on any target within 30 meters).

*Armor Piercing on any target within 30 meters.

Contributed by <a href="http://www.nprime.net/cgi-bin/forum/ultimatebb.cgi?/ubb/get_profile/u/00000821.html">Revenant </a>

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