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[Character] Teknokat


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Real Name: Katherine Greyfolk


Allegiance: Corporate/Other


Gender: Female

Height: 177cm (5' 10")

Weight: 60kg (132lb)


Teknokat's capabilities are mostly centred around computers and machines. Apart from her potent Cyberkinesis, she also has an uncanny ability with machinery and software. She also has a kind of "Machine Sense", that essentially allows her to sense mechanical objects in her general vicinity. As a side effect of her Machine Sense, she's also (usually) able to identify how a device works, by tracing the electronic map inside the object. In addition, she's also a master at creating new devices, or extending the capabilities of said devices.

Apart from her machine-related capabilities, she is also hyper-intelligent. However, she tends to be dorm'ed down the vast majority of the time, and thus uses that capability only rarely. She's also incredibly agile, and able to perform feats of athleticism that most baselines can never achieve.


Most people will attest that there is one thing about Teknokat that would describe her external personality - Pride. As a person, she is intensely proud of herself, and will rarely call for help from anyone, unless it's near to life-or-death. She's also highly protective of people she knows, and will tend to go out of her way to, say, attack someone who has attacked one of her friends, or one of her employees.

However, as fitting the name, 'Kat is insatiably curious. A single misplaced fact, or upturned clue, can often send her on incredible trips around the world, attempting to fit the fact to the position. It's a testament to her capabilities that she almost never leaves one of these missions unsolved.

Finally, the other aspect of her personality is her playfulness. Despite her protestations, 'Kat is only 23, and still has a lot of immaturity locked down inside her, waiting to come out. Often, this expresses herself in her inventions, but she's also got a massive list of come-backs and quotes stuck in her head, just waiting for the right opportunity to release them. This tends to make her either incredibly likable, or incredibly annoying, depending on what your general disposition to her is...


Alex McKenzie, with his prodigous researching capabilities eventually found Kat's history. It's in his words that we put it to paper.

"Katherine Greyfolk. That's her real name, but she seems to disown it now, and considering what her life was like before she erupted, I can't really blame her. You see, she was born in the slums of Los Angeles. Her parents were a real mess, her mother was a drug addict and occaisonal prostitute, her father a full-time pimp. You think I'm joking? Her attitude points this out, I might add. Noone gets that sort of attitude from living in middle class society!

Anyway, She had a somewhat nice life up til the age of around fourteen, fifteen, which was when her father decided that she was old enough to to start "supporting herself". Think about it, father a pimp, remember? She ran away from home quick-smart. At this point, you'd expect things to really go down the gurgler for her. A young girl, on the streets, and at this time she wasn't entirely unattractive either. How did she get out of the trap? Well, she enrolled at another high school (yes, her parents did send her to primary school, although they stopped at that for some reason). She studied as best she could, did her home study there, slept at a homeless shelter, did waitressing jobs to support herself.

It turned out that apart from looking good, she was damn intelligent. In particular, she was already a natural when it came to computers and electronics. She chose not to graduate entirely from school, and go to a technical college, so she could concentrate on what she knew best. By this time, she actually had an apartment and a few jobs, so she was starting to lift herself out of her "lot in life" so to speak. But it was at the graduation that she erupted. You see, she was so immensely proud of what she had accomplished, she was already on cloud nine, and the diploma, well, that was just the boost to the ego she needed. That's when she erupted, although she didn't tell anyone about it for the next few days. She just quietly checked into a Rashoud facility, did some cursory training (without the drugs; she has a thing about it, she won't even take prescription drugs, although it's not like they'd do anything to her. Must be related to her mum).

She spent the next couple of years doing contract work at various corporation, until she felt she'd made enough not to have to work. She started up her own company, Teknokat Innovations, and tries to trickle out little advancements. She generally keeps under the radar of S&T by just extending the curve a little, not missing it altogether. Actually, our computer monitor uses a lot of parts that are manufactured by Teknokat Innovations.

Now, I'd like to see Alejandra match that rags to riches story!"

While this is how far most people will manage to get into Teknokat's history, It's not quite the whole truth. You see, Teknokat actually erupted several years earlier than is generally accepted. At that time, she was young and impetuous, and used her capabilities somewhat wantonly... Until the Directive asked her to join them. Her marvellous manipulation of machinery became quite valuable to the Directive, who employed her to attempt to decipher the technology of other novas, and to see if it could be replicable.

Teknokat worked with the directive for nearly 3 years, until eventually, she gained her first aberration. She managed to keep the cat's eyes hidden for several months, until her superior eventually caught her out. She was then summararily kicked out of the Directive.

It was at this point that Teknokat begun to form a somewhat dangerous psychological problem - She actually started to detest being a nova. She felt it was her nova-hood that caused her to be kicked out of what she thought was a fantastic job, and as a result, spends large amounts of time dorm'ed down. It is not certain yet whether she will take this problem to the logical conclusion (ie a total Nodectomy).

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