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Aberrant RPG - Taking Liberty

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I am running an Aberrant Table-Top in the fictional "Liberty City" (GTA III - allows me to show people 3D renderings of locations).

I am running an almost canon game (i.e. I have made a few changes to wrongfoot rulebook readers and Trinity is not certain). It's also a troupe game where I have a roster of around 15 players from which I draw groups of 1-7 (often 2-5) for a session.

Each session covers an In-Game "month" and I produce a news article after each session. If the players made the headlines, they get the press. If they didn't, then I flesh out the campaign world.

I am using a lot of sourcebook material but not always exactly as written.

I also have public access LiveJournal where I archive the news reports:


I mention it in case people are interested. If this is not the right place to mention it, I apologise. If people aren't interested, feel free to ignore.

(And if anyone lives in the East Midlands of England and wants to join the game, email me)

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Originally posted by ronin:
By tabletop, do you mean that only people in your locale are eligible? Or is it in fact an online game?
By table-top, I mean "played round a table" (or on the floor or usual variant). This does not restrict locale though. I have a guy who lives in Ireland who has a character (Stephen Quinn - Mega-Manip Lawyer from Hell) who plays occasionally when he visits Nottingham.

I have not run an online game. Yet. I have not ruled it out but I have never particpated in an online game and am wary about areas I have no experience of.
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