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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant: Project Utopia

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Guiding Humanity to a Better Tomorrow…

It is more powerful than nations. It controls more novas than any other entity in the world. It is Project Utopia, stalwart guardian of Earth. Utopia has ended wars, cured diseases and saved entire populations from starvation. So why are some novas so hell-bent to take it down?

Along a Path of Blood

This sourcebook details Project Utopia and the novas who serve it. An entire organization - including subsidiaries Team Tomorrow and Project Proteus - is covered in minute detail in this 144-page tome.

Retail Price: $19.95 U.S.

Page Count: 144

Authors: Carl Bowen, Steven Long and Angel McCoy

Buy it Now

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<table width="140" border="0" height="200" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0" align="right"><tr> <td><font color="#000000"><img src="http://www.nprime.net/images/utopia.jpg" width="140" height="200"></font></td></tr></table><p align="center"><font size="+2">Project Utopia Review</font>

" So, you want to be one of the good guys? This is the book you're looking for, hero. Project Utopia details the organization that most legitimately seeks to help the human race as a whole. While nothing in the world of Aberrant is all black or all white, Project Utopia was founded by the altruistic Aeon Society and is led by the idealistic Justin J. Larragione. The agents of Project Utopia are as close to being the good guys as you're going to get in a realistic setting. "

The world of Aberrant is one filled with wonders. Since the dawn of the Nova Age, the world has undergone changes both subtle and profound. The hole in the ozone layer has been sealed, AIDS and various other life threatening diseases cured, the oceans cleaned and Ethiopia terraformed into a lush and verdant paradise. The world has, in short, become a better place for all mankind. All these great deeds can be laid at the doorstep of the Aberrant world's most powerful nova organization: Project Utopia.

Founded in 1998 under the guidance of both the United Nations and the Aeon Society to both study and utilize the nova phenomenon for the good of humanity, Project Utopia burst onto the world scene with a variety of initiatives. Novas were studied for their physiology, and the Mazarin-Rashoud node was discovered. But it remained relatively unknown until January 1, 1999, when Director Justin Larragione unveiled Project Utopia's peacekeeping force: Team Tommorow. This group of powerful novas was brought together by the Project to help bring about it's vision of world peace. Team Tomorrow battled terrorism, helped see to the downfall of organized crime, and aided in the restoration of the environment.

The Project opens Rashoud facilities to aid newly erupted novas in the control and use of their power, and to teach these novas to use their gifts for the greater good. Through ten years, Project Utopia has been a beacon of hope to the people of the world, a shining symbol of humanity achieving it's goals for peace and prosperity with the aid of novas.

Nothing lasts forever.

Jennifer "Slider" Landers, a popular nova and member of Team Tomorrow, is murdered in 2008. No one knows who killed her, but a rogue group of novas calling themselves Aberrants have made allegations of a shadow cabal within Utopia, a cabal which had Landers killed to cover up the lengths to which the Project will go to ensure it's vision of paradise. <table width="85%" border="0" align="center"><tr> <td>" . . .Furthermore, as the worship of power is the most enduring of human religions, it stands to reason that these aberrant beings who emerge from our genetic stock may come to be viewed as the ultimate avatars of this religion. Yet, their failing is that these "novas" are still psychologically human, and humans respond to strength-related praise with greater and greater shows of strength. Simply put, resting our hopes for our vision of perfection for all mankind on these all-too-human beings would be the greatest of folly. "

-Excerpt from " The Thetis Proposal" </td></tr></table>

Within Utopia there is a group, men and women (some novas) dedicated to keeping novas on the track to utopia. . .and God help any who try and stop them. This hidden sub-section of Utopia is known to a select few as Project Proteus. The shadow to Utopia's shining light, anyone who threatens the Utopian ideal, any nova who dares threaten Utopia's interests, makes a powerful enemy in the agents of Proteus. These people deal with the less telegenic of Utopia's goals; not the least of which is the ominous Bahrain facility. Located on the isle of the same name, this complex is Proteus's dark heart, a stronghold where the most dangerous, antisocial, and tainted novas are held in confinement. While this group holds to the Utopian ideal, their actions are a far cry from the heroics of Team Tomorrow. Indeed, in their efforts to control and contain the spread of novas, Proteus's "cure" may be far worse than the disease. . .

Project Utopia is a book with definite strengths. The sourcebook focuses in great detail at the inner workings of the altruistic group from top to bottom, you really gain an appreciation for the forethought put into an organization as vast as Utopia.

Chapter 1 deals with the history of the Project, from it's founding through the present day.

Chapter 2 covers the structure of Project Utopia, and all it's divisions, as well as Utopia's goals.

Chapter 3 details the history and structure of the world's premiere nova group: Team Tomorrow. This section gives readers an in-depth look at the world's most photogenic novas.

Chapter 4 covers relations between Utopia and various groups within the Aberrant world.

Chapter 5 belongs to the enigmatic Project Proteus. Looking for a real X-File? Proteus is a conspiracy theorist's dream. The chapter has more than a few revelations within it, and those who think they know everything about the Aberrant world may find a few surprises in store. . .

Chapter 6 is Storyteller territory, with ideas and ways of creating a Utopian campaign, from the four-color heroics of Team Tomorrow to the grim 'n gritty world of Proteus special ops. Some interesting ideas and potential series themes can be found in this section.

On the whole, Project Utopia is a strong effort on the part of the Aberrant crew. It contains a lot of interesting tidbits and ideas on dealing with this altruistic organization that strives to make the world better. However, the book is not without flaws. Sections of the book can make for lengthly, dry reading, Chapters 2 and 4 in particular. Also, while the coverage of Team Tomorrow is adequate, a lack of backgrounds for major NPCs is a bit of a pain. Only 6 T2M members are profiled, and none of the ones introduced to us in the core rulebook. Readers looking for profiles of their favorite Team Tomorrow members, or even the elusive Caestus Pax, are in for a disappointment. Also, another gripe is the ambiguity and vagueness surrounding the Aeon Society. One would think that with Utopia being founded by Aeon, that some of the mists surrounding the Society would be parted, or at least some hints dropped. I suppose we'll have to wait for White Wolf's third Aeonverse game Adventure before we get the full story.

The art in the book is extremely well done, giving you a real feel of the book's flavor. In particular the awesome cover by Tom Fleming, as well as the stellar work of Jeff Rebner and Brian LeBlanc.

Project Utopia is a useful book for players and storytellers alike looking for idealist heroes. It's also handy for those who admire anti-heroes as well.

<font color="#FF0000" size="+1">Rating: <blink> Buy.</blink></font>

<em>Review courtesy of Stacy Dooks, aka Defender.</em>

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