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Aberrant RPG - mega int. patch

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the science channel:extreme earth:killer lakes:

So i'm in Deep Cable when I come across a nice dash of realism for the world.

there's this thing called lake overturn, a gas leaking out of a underwater vent in the bottom of really large lakes will eventually create a massive gas explosion (not flame- is pressure) and tidal wave.

this will launch all the marine life into the surrounding area and drag all the local fauna into the lakebed. the gas from the explosion will put you in a coma, and as the hours pass by the lack of oxygen to the skin will cause pressure burns on the body.

lake keevo (phonics) has over two million people living around it, has nice hot springs all over that are CO, plus it also has a methane vent! core samples show that every thousand years or so there is a massive die off! what could possibly happen like clockwork every thousand years or so to set this off? scientists ponder the question...

a volcano! yay!

i'm not making this shit up.

2002- a previously dormant volcano exploded and ran through the valley towards the lake. people watched in horror as for two days the lava poured into the lakebed. luckily nothing happened since the lava didn't reach the bottom.

but wait! there is the possibility of underwater vents leading to said dormant volcano. now the local government was trying to figure out how to vent this lake anyways to POWER THEIR NATION, but the job is beyond current human technology.

sounds like a job for....

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