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Aberrant RPG - Power Blocking


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I suspect that Telepathy would Block Telepathy, Domination & Hypnosis, but probably not Mental Blast (I don't see how Telepathic Dexterity is really going to defend again an all-out Mental attack).

My summary of everything else:

All Attacks

  • Disrupt
  • Dominate (kinda)

All Non-Mental Attacks

  • Absorption
  • Force Field
  • Matter Creation
  • Quantum Construct
  • Molecular Manipulation

Mental Attacks

  • Telepathy (prob. not against Mental Blast)

Physical Attacks

  • Gravity Control
  • Temporal Manipulation
  • Entropy Control

Hand-to-hand Attacks

  • Claws
  • Immobilise

Specific Attacks

  • Elemental Anima/Mastery (vs Element)
  • Magnetic Mastery (vs Metal)
  • Weather Manipulation (vs Itself)

This is by no means a completed list. Also, I run by Stunt rules - if it's cool enough that they should be able to do it, by all means I should give them a go at doing it.

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