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Aberrant RPG - Interviewee Desired

N News Service

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Hey there. Looking to do another Zach Bronstein interview. Read the other N News Interviews (Vile Bill, Jager, Elizabeth, Jordan Rossi and Apep) to see what I'm talking about.

We set up an email exchange. I email you Zach's POV and wording you email me back your responses. At no time do you write how Zach thinks, responds or acts and I don't do that to you either. I've broken this rule twice before (Vile Bill on both sides was me and so was Jager) and both of those interviews suck. Vile Bill because it was mastubatory and Jager because I didn't get the flavor of the character, his 'voice' if you will.

So, any volunteers? PM me if you so desire.

Keep in mind the following:

1. There should be a reason you're getting interviewed. Zach is a celebrity in his own regard and only interviews the cream of the crop. No new eruptees or someone who's been lying low.

2. He is rude and vulgar. Don't volunteer anything who is going to walk off in a huff half of the way through.

3. He is a baseline. If you have some horrid Taint going for you he very well won't be able to handle your presence for too long.

4. A one or two day delay in responses is fine, but if you only think about Aberrant once a week this will take so long I'll be collecting Social Security (yeah, right) by the time we're done.

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