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Aberrant RPG - Looking To Start/Join A PBP or PBEM Game.


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I'm looking to either start a PBP or PBEM game, or join one if there's not a lot of takers for the former.

For the game I'd like to start, I'm doing some serious revising of canon Aberrant history and using the Aquatica stuff from

aberrant.foronlinegames.com . I should warn you that I only possess the Aberrant Core Book, so unless you're prepared to send me full details of Merits/Flaws and powers from other books, you can only use powers from that book.

To make up for the lack of Merits/Flaws, you get 22 Bonus Points, but can only gain two quantum dots on them to keep everything even. You also get 40 Nova Points, but can't go more than five or six dots in Taint, and must keep the aberrations physical ones like coloured skin, Aberrant Eyes, whatever. Minor Mental ones like Hormonal Imbalance: Lust/Rage or Mental Disorders like Amnesia and Obssessive-Compulsive are also allowed. There are reasons for this, which I'll reveal to those who are accepted. Similarly, if you don't have the Adaptability ehnancement, Bodymorph: Liquid/Amorpheous or Body Modification: Gills, you must take at least a dot in the Chitin-Weave background (explained at the URL above under Aquatica.)

Six players at max - this is my first game, so bear with my mistakes.

If this sounds interesting, PM me character ideas. If you have free spots in your PBP or PBEM games, feel free to let me know.



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