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Aberrant RPG - The Geyser Protocols (PbP Game)


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Although TGP is not being held at N! Prime, Chosen did graciously offer to host it here. Normally I would have readily accepted his kind offer except that I already had things set up elsewhere. Next game I run though, I'll do here. Thanks big C.

- - -

Method: Play-by-post Online (Message Board)

Website: http://rpgsonline.proboards24.com

Game: Aberrant d10 (White Wolf)

ST: Myself

Frequency: Posting Rate of at least 3/week

Genre: Conspiratorial Intrigue

Current Needs: 3 More Players

Accept Drop-in Players? Yes (If there are available slots.)

Accept Spectators? Of Course

Title: The Geyser Protocols

Short Description:

In the year 2008 A.D., the presence of transhuman Novas have become a fact of everyday life. With their amazing powers, vast potential, and immense marketability, they have become the most sought after commodity by megacorporations, government agencies, and even criminal organizations. In their bid for power and consolidation, these groups vie with one another for control over these incredible beings in order to add them to their extensive lists of assets and arsenals. However, there are other darker factions which exist that have even more sinister plans for these Novas. And they are willing to do anything to acquire them or else make sure that no one else does.


The newly erupted Novas (PCs) become inadvertantly embroiled within a high-level conspiracy of which they know nothing about. Will they simply become manipulated pawns or will they outwit the forces arrayed against them?

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