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Aberrant RPG - Need the boards help


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Hey folks,

I am part of the group developing the fan version of Cult of Personality.

I need to know if anyone knows Scott Kearney? Or anyone from the old NovaNet site (NovaNet) ?

I need to get their permission to include an enhancement posted there. Can anyone help?

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Great! Just Great!

Bad enough that when they finally get around to commercial space shipping that the Earth's orbit is full of space junk, but so is cyberspace?

At least the space junk eventually will get pulled back to Earth and burn up on re-entry!

I guess the hard drives will eventually fail and the site will go down as well...such as Entropy (but that is other WW game).

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I still say when the hard drives start failing, then it will clean up itself (trust me on this one I run a double digit TB network). Just a matter of Entropy or Time (depends on how many spheres you have, opps...that is another game) wink

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Originally posted by Jager:
RW example: Ever find just one sock? Everything gets deleted, eventually.
How true!

My customers (users) don't think that is so cool though when it happens, no matter how many backups I make.
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