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Aberrant RPG - Need Help With Character Stats


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Okay, I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and ask for some help from people with more Aberrant materials than myself. I'm also taking advice from someone and making a new and different concept for Aberrant: Awakenings.

I need help with the character sheet. Enhancements, Mega-Atts, that sort of thing.

Here's the rules to abide by:

30 Nova points

Reminder: On N-Day, a 30 point Nova will be somewhere in the upper fourth of the power levels of all novas. Keep that in mind.

Also remember the term Nova wont be coined for some time still in game.

One point cap on Mega Socials and Int... mostly because I see them as equally hard to play and game breaking

Your Node is automatically equal to your Quantum and doesnt cost background points.

Here's the background for the PC:

Rhiannon Lewis was a quiet, bookish young woman from the Gold Coast in Australia who had just finished high school. Smart but not a genius, yet a short, plump blonde with big black-rimmed glasses that made her blue eyes seem even larger, she preferred plain, drab clothing as she bordered on homely. Despite having left school, she was still bullied by some of the students there.

She had gone onto her first semester at Griffith University, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Computer Studies. Walking alone the day that the Galatea exploded, she began to experience excruciating headaches. She went home and took some headache tablets, but that failed to help. In desperation, she went into the shower - and the rest is history.

As the water ran over her, gills appeared along her ribs. Absolutely stunned despite her headache, Rhiannon stared down at her torso, then doubled over as the pain increased.

Now she is adapting to new talents that she never dreamed possible - and trying to live an ordinary life.


Okay, I want to make a character that can adapt to certain enviromental changes - fire, air and water. She would be able to grow gills or sprout feathers along her forearms when underwater or falling. Her eyes also get covered by a faint membrane, and her senses have improved somewhat. I don't know of a good physical effect for fire, honestly enough. She's also become thinner, and possibly taller.

Dr Zero chooses the aberrations from taint, but a taint of 1-2 is cool for me. If I had a say in it, she'd have porcelain-white skin and pointed ears - but that's up to Dr Zero.

Dr Zero, if you read this, any input what be appreciated. I also promise you that it's the last concept I will submit to you.



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Dr. Zero mentioned having a word character sheet. He or Asche can probably email this to you. If they don’t then I would be happy to send you the one I use. I’m not positive that it’s the same but Dr. Zero didn’t complain when I sent him my PC.

You can look at PDF character sheets on the main aberrantprime.com web page by navigating in the bar at the top of the page to downloads & then character. HERE is a direct link if you need it. These char sheets list all the skills / abilities from the main book. The players guide has a few more but I don’t think that you will need any of those.

There is also a master powers list on this site in the downloads section. HERE is a direct link to it. It just has the names but that should help.

Buy your attributes 7/5/3. You get 23 dots worth of abilities (none over 3 to start). 7 dots worth of backgrounds. Start with 3 Willpower & 1 Quantum. Then you get to spend 15 freebie points to bump any of these up.

Those ought to get you started.

Now for some suggestions. I like you base concept but it’s not going to be easy to make it work within the Aberrant rules.

To me what you are trying to do just cries out for the Bodymorph power. I see bodymorph as good because each of your forms has a specific set of powers / adaptations. Bodymorph is also good since it has a relatively low quantum minimum (3) and it allows you to buy dots of other powers all lumped together as part of a form change. For instance your ‘air’ form might have wings (one dot of flight or bodymod wings), Protective feathers (one dot of armor), claws (a dot of claws), and maybe eyes moved more to the side of the head (the Ultraperipheral Perception enhancment).

However since you are looking at three forms, by the book you would have to buy the power multiple times & it would take several dots each time … that would be horrendously expensive Nova point wise. We are talking 3 forms x 3 dots in each x 3 NP = 27 points just for that.

It might be worth asking Dr. Zero if he would allow you to buy the power one time with a homebrew extra - “Multiple Forms” that would allow you three different forms. If this were allowed then three or four dots would take care of you. This would still be pretty expensive. This would cost a bit less. 3 dots x 5 NP = 15 points or 20 for 4 dots. That would still leave you 10 to 15 NP to spend on other things.

An alternative would be to use a more versatile power like Shapechange. By the book shapechange lets you shift your body in many ways & this power can mimic many others. I don’t know if Dr. Zero is allowing strengths & weaknesses on powers but Shapechange with a weakness limiting it to those three forms might be doable. However shapechange is a level 3 power & has a quantum minimum of 4. You will also want to buy up your Mega Stamina if you go the Shapechange route. Finally Shapechange ‘fire’ might be a problem.

Something else to keep in mind is that many novas who erupt in non-emergency situations get things that either compensate for existing weaknesses (not very outgoing girl gets mega cha and suddenly has lots of friends) or that reflect their idealized version of self (smart girl gets even smarter).

In any event I suggest at least one dot of Mega Stamina for your PC with either the regeneration or adaptability enhancement.

I strongly suggest emailing Dr. Zero once you have a few ideas.

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I have the character sheet, but kept on screwing up with powers and such, since I don't have the sourcebook yet. My original concept had two Mega-Int points, which was necessary for Eidetic Memory and Speed Reading, but it didn't fly. smile

How about this for non-threatening - someone literally wanting to change. smile

I might stick to air and water forms - increased lung capacity for both (maybe give her a voice/shout attack?), sharp-nailed fingers joined together with a very flexible membrane webbing that gives her full finger movement, gills under water and the eye membranes all the time. Enhanced eyesight, I think, since you'd need it underwater and in the air.

How does that sound?


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You might want to fiddle the concept a bit. After all, Signy has wings herself. It's not neccessarily a problem, but you may find that your 'roles' overlap in places. Of course, if you don't end up working with Signy, this wouldn't be an issue.

David's weakened Shapeshift would work well - particularly if you chose a weakness that confined you to humanoid form. You could sprout wings, grow gills, develop armor, whatever...just keep the right number of arms, legs, and heads. If you made the power purely responsive (all changes must react to some threat), you could probably wrangle the power level down to a pretty managable level. Might not be what you are looking for, though.

Matter Chameleon could work, though that would be a pretty major change. Specializing with the water-based Bodymorph could also play well.

Don't get me wrong though - your currrent character could work fine. Just pointing out a possible issue.

Most of your abilities could be basic enhancements: Adaptation and Electromagnetic Vision (or maybe a custom enhancement that further specializes distance and detail beyond Electromagnetic Vision). It may be a good idea to buy these independently of your shape changing power.

The above would require a dot each in Mega-Stamina and -Perception.

The second eyelid is a dead ringer for Sensory Shield (build into Bodymorph, or purchase separately). Sounds like you want Claws too - treat that the same as Sensory Shield.

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