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Aberrant RPG - I've Screwed Up (Needs Help)


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With the making of various characters minus the Aberrant sourcebook, I've screwed up with their profiles and powers. Is there any way people can answer these questions:

With the 3/5/7 point system for stats, are these added onto a point that's already there for everyone in each stat, or do they add that stat and others? Also, do Mega-Atts also require the usage of these points, or do they add extra?

What are freebie/bonus points, and what can they be used for?

Do Enhancements use up points? I'd like to redo Codex for Awakenings to give her Physical Prodigy, Eidetic Memory and Speed Reading to give her that computer/library like mind. As this is set earlier in her life, she'll be able-bodied.

How many points do the powers Voice, Hypnosis and Telepathy use up for each level?

Anything else I should add or ask?



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It is okay. You start with a stat point in each stat,then add 3/5/7 So in the end you have 6/8/10 but you need to put one dot in each stat.

Each mega cost three nova points.Now here is a bit of a tricky note. The first ineachmega gives you one free enhancement.The rest do not,and to get further enhancements costs three novas points.

Note:Normal stat cost three for every one nova point.

Powers cost 1,3,5 nova points per dot in the power.1 for level one powers,3for level two powers,and 5for level three powers.

free points should be something like this.(these are the same asbonus points,andy youget 15 of them)

Attribute 5/dot(stat)

Ability 2/dot(skill)

background 1/dot

willpower 2/dot

quantum 7/dot

quantum pool 1/dot

Seeing as the main part of this board is freeform,the best way to make a character for this form is to have an idea of what they can do.Numbers just get in the way, sometimes. for Game like the one Acshe and Zero are running you want to have numbers. So stating codex is just a formality here,but if you were to play her intthe other game stats would be needed.

One last thing, a large amount of the system for any white wolf game can in a rough manor transfer to each other. This mainly true for things like marits and flaws,and skills.

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Hypnosis is a level 1 power

Telepathy is a level 2 power

'Voice' if I'm understanding you is an Enhancement.

FYI Telepathy has some nice extras. Makes it into a level 3 power but may be worth it.

The rest is pretty much covered above.

OK, personal opinion time. IMO it is best to *not* have the same character on the OpNet forum & in Awakenings, even if they are 'different versions' of one another. Doing so can get a bit confusing for everyone involved. Do as you will.

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