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Aberrant RPG - What's your character like?


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Hey, anyone that feels like it, how about typing up your character that you game with, and a short description? It could be cool, if we all get to see what sort of stuff comes out of other gaming groups. I'll go first. To help with figuring out the power-level and such, the chronicle has lasted almost exactly 1 year now.

Name: Stellar

Nature: Paragon (the ideals of a caregiver)

Eruption: Near-death experience

Allegience: LONG story. Suffice to say, Project Utopia: Shadow Ops (another long story)

Strength 3

Mega-Str 1 (Lifter)

Dexterity 3

Mega-Dex 3 (Accuracy)

Stamina 3

Mega-Sta 2 (Adaptability, Resiliency)

Perception 4

Mega-Per 1 (Quantum Attunement)

Intelligence 5

Mega-Int 4 (Analyze Weakness, Eiditic Mem, Mathematical Savant)

Wits 2

Mega-Wits 2 (Quickness, Multi-Tasking)

Appearance 3

Charisma 2

Manipulation 1

Athletics 3, Firearms 1, Melee 2, Stealth 1, Martial Arts 5 (Multiple Opponents), Awareness 4, Investigation 2, Academics 4 (religion), Computer 1 (hacking), Intrusion 2, Medicine 5 (Nova, ER, Surgery), Science 5 (Biology, Quantum Theory), Command 1 (Crowd Control), Meditation 3 (Focus)

Willpower 5

Quantum 5

Taint 2

QP 30

Node 3

Attunement 1

Lots of eufiber and resources (a RL YEAR, gang!)

Gravity Control 4

Psychic Shield 3

Armor 2


Immolate 1 (extra'd to assist his martial arts)

Warp 1

Nova Healing 1

Bio-Mastery (developed by Stellar. It is effectively Elemental Anima: Living Creatures, but can only use Blash, Lethal Blast, Sculpt, and Enhance/Diminish, with each power having broader uses)

Stellar, formerly Dr Jacob Mittelman, erupted shortly after his graduation from medical school (with Bachelor degrees in Zoology and Religion Studies). Working in a community hospital, and suffering from a severe depression after breaking up with his fiancee, he was approached by a nova-junky who promised death if Jake did not recover Might (sp?) for him. After running from the nova, and having the nova appear in the backseat of his car during his frantic get-away, Jake intentionally rolled his car as his last hope. The resulting accident spawned his eruption.

Stellar's primary powers stem from control over the gravitation fields surrounding him, allowing him effects ranging from an armor-like, micro-thin gravitational flux surrounding his body, to creating a wormhole via gross manipulation of space-time. Other powers have manifested due to his extensive martial arts training (both combat oriented, and philosophical), and his deep involvement in and love of medicine.

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The powers list is stunningly similar to my own character. Played for over a year.

Name: Ranger 7 (Alexander Stavros, Alex, The Olympian)

Eruption: Plane Crash

Nature: Explorer

Alliegance: Titan Ltd.


Wits 2, Int 3, Per 5, Dex 5, Str 3, Sta 4, Cha 2, Manip 2, App 2.


Pilot 4, Drive 2, Firearms 2, Engineering 4, Science 4, Steller Navigation 4, athletics 3, stealth 2, martial arts 2, academics 1, streetwise 2.

Mega Attributes:

Wits 2 (Quickness)

Stamina 2 (Regen, Hardbody, Adaptability)

Perception 2 (Enhanced hearing)

Intelligence 1 (Analyse Weakness)


Gravity Manipulation 4

Esp 2

Warp 3 (Reduced cost)

Armour 2

Psychic Shield 3

Telepathy 1 (Armour Piercing - reduces Psychic shield)

Willpower: 5

Quantum: 6

Taint: 3

Ranger 7 came into being after an airline pilot called Alexander Stavros erupted. During a routine landing in Africa an Elite conflict spilled over onto the flight path of the plane causing critcal damage. Stavros' new gravatic powers kept part of the aircraft safe but a part carrying 25 passengers including his wife and child was vaporised. The stress and trauma threw Stavros over the edge, snapping his mind. He vanished, appearing a year later as Ranger 7.

Stavros suffers from Multiple personality disorder. Four major personalies have been identified within his mind; Ranger 7 (A two dimensional Hero with a love of all things space related); The Olympian (A Terragen wannabe with an overdeveloped sense of trechery); Alex (a baseline persona with no knowledge of the other personas and no access to the characters powers and abilities) and Alexander Stavros (a fully realised and reasonable individual).

The most dominant persona is Ranger 7 who thrives in isolation from society. Prolonged social contact brings the Olympian to the fore, who eventually gives way to Alexander Stavros. It takes a major mental shock to bring Alex to the fore and he is quickly buried under the force of the other personalities.

Excluding Mega Attributes the only new power developed by the character has been Telepathy. This was developed by Ranger 7 as a means to keep the other personas locked out of control.

Ranger 7 is one of the founders of the Nova organisation known as Titan. The other members included Bagman, Fuse, Boomer, The Doctor, Cassandra, Leaper, and the now deceased Lucky.

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Don't know if this will interest anyone, but here's the stats for the character of Darkwave, (real name: Raiy Clouser) as of the last time I actually got to game with him (as opposed to just being an NPC!). Peace!

Eruption: Emotional Trauma

Nature: Hedonist

Allegiance: rock stardom

Attributes and Abilities: Strength 3 (Brawl 3, Might 1), Dexterity 4 (Athletics 4, Firearms 1, Legerdemain 1, Melee 1, Stealth 4), Stamina 5 (Endurance 4, Resistance 4), Perception 3, Intelligence 2 (Academics 2), Wits 4 (Rapport 4), Appearance 4, Manipulation 3 (Streetwise 2), Charisma 2 (Etiquette 1, Perform 3).

Backgrounds: Attunement 2, Resources 3, Influence 3, Cipher 3, Followers 2, Contacts 1, Willpower 5, Taint 6 (disturbed voice, feeding requirement: motor oil, vulnerability: fire), Quantum 3.

Powers: Mega-Charisma 2 (Natural Agitator), Mega-Dexterity 2 (Flexibility), Mega-Wits 1 (Multitasking, Quickness), Bodymorph: oil 2 (both dots to Density Decrese), Shroud 2 (extra: Sensory Deprivation Field), Absorption (physical) 2.

Description: half Chinese, half Irish. 5'7" black hair, blue eyes, lead singer for skew-metal/terr'r band Wasteland. Former elite, since retired to pursue music full-time.


"When did HE become a nova? Natural Agitator? No sh!t, dude!"

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Going from memory here. The character isn't a year old, but he has a few months in him and we did start at 40 NP. I'll only include his abilities that are high, as I don't remember the finer details (my ST as my sheet)

RealName : Iro Tamakashi

Nova Name: Shindou (Impact in Japanese)

Nature: architect (building the greatest 'museum' (see below) of all time)

Cause of Eruption : Artistic Trance

Affiliation: Ex-Nippontai, currently Independant but being targeted for recruiting by a lot of Elites companies.

Str: 5 Dex: 5 Sta: 5

Per: 4 Int: 4 Wits: 5

App: 4 Man: 3 Cha: 4

Martial Arts 5

Arts 5

Weaving 2

Awareness 4

Style 3

Etiquette 3


Node 2

Eufiber 2

Ressource 4

Allies 1

Quantum: 4

Willpower: 8

Taint: 1


Strenght 2 (Crush)

Dexterity 2 (Rapid Strike, Fast Task, Enhanced Movement)

Stamina 3 (Resiliency * 2, Durability)

Perception 1 (Blindfighting)

Wits 2 (Quickness * 2, Artistic Genius)

Appearance 1 (First Impression)


Armor 3

Momentum Control 2

Flight 3

Hyper Flight 2

Absorption 2 (Level 3 powers, converts physical (momentum) into Strenght and/or Dexterity.. so with 8 successes and 8 point of Quantum, he can raise both his Mega Dex/Str to 4)

Telekenisis 1

Soak (eufiber): 25(27)/19(21)

Initivatie : 14 (16 after maximum absorption)

Iro was a manic with an obsession for arts. He believed in all type of art and wanted to be a master in all of them. From dancing, martials arts, painting, writting, etcs. Of course, during his down-period he did nothing and like most people, got on medication. He tended to burn out very quickly as well, his down period being MUCH longer then his high period.

It was during one of his high period that he went into a spurt of creative energy and started to paint, create and build his 'masterpiece'. After 3 days without rest, he was meditating, trying to resource himself without sleeping. And that's when he realised that he would never have the time to finish, that he wasn't fast enough and that he would go back into his down-period where he would wallow in inertia and his project would not be done for months. And that's when he erupted, gaining power over momentum he finished all his work at an amazing speed ontop of being cured from his derangements, for the first time in years his mind was his own.

A new man, Iro joined Nippontai as he was a big fan of the manga serie about them and wouldn't miss the opportunity for nothing in the world. His powers over momentum had given him awesome physical mights along with his insights and his mastery of fighting arts. He thus became an essential member, especially when teaming up with the other martial artist, Ashaji.

However Nippontai didn't allow him to focus enough time (or money) to his goal, to create a huge museum of short that would hold the greatest collection of art (mostly comtemporary) ever, as well as being a dojo and a place for meditation. Nippontai was too intrusive. He has experessed his intention to become an Elite, but he is not sure how he can do this and remain true to his convictions. Iro doesn't want to kill baseline/nova as everybody has the spark to create inside them and killing them remove the chance that their particular perspective could one day be exposed to the world. It's like closing a 'window into another universe' and that's against his goal.

Saddly... his physical powers are much greater then his artistic ones and he knows that as an elite, he would do 'war' missions more then anything else... there lays the dilema.

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Hey, Stellar, don't forget the ever inquisitive Jager here in the states.

Winter Heart, have you ever thought about the fashion trade. Your a good looking nova. Nippon has a few high profile fashion houses that would leap at the chance to have a topline nova wearing their goods. Okay, you're selling your flesh, but your soul remains pure and nobody dies. Besides, fashion and art go hand in hand. The contacts you could make could be priceless.

Just some thoughts.

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Go out and look at a fashion mag some time. Hell, those are works of art. You cetainly wouldn't use them as clothing. Now if they were artistic and practical, you wouldn't be a fashion designer; you would be a miracle worker. Isn't that what novas do, though?

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These are some cool characters. Here's my offering. Been played for about one year real time (once a week sessions) covering about 3 or 4 years of game time.

James “Prodigy” Meehan

Birth Name: James Meehan III

Date of Birth: January 29, 1987

Date of Eruption: August 3, 2007

Place of Origin: Denver, Colorado

Occupation: Columnist, Social Commentator

Allegiance: Next Step, Teragen (Casablancas)

Nature: Cynic

Attributes: Strength 5 (Athletic), Dexterity 5 (Steady), Stamina (Determined), Perception 5 (Observant)

Intelligence 5 (Rational), Wits 5 (Level Headed), Appearance 5 (Pleasant), Manipulation (Authoritative),

Charisma 5 (Genial)

Abilities: All Abilities at 4 with these exceptions; Martial Arts 5, Engineering 5, Linguistics 5.

Backgrounds; Resources (Personal) 5, Resources (NextStep) 4, Backing (NextStep) 4, Backing (Teragen) 4, Influence 4, Euefibre 4, Contacts 2, Allies 2, Attunement 3

Quantum: 4

Quantum Pool: 28

Willpower: 6

Taint: 7

Aberrations: Emotional Redirection, Gestalt Memory Flashbacks, Gestalt Personality Shift (Medium), Mental Energy Bleed (Medium)

MegaAttributes: MegaDexterity 1 (Fast Tasks), MegaStamina 1 (Regeneration), MegaPerception 2 (Quantum Attunement), MegaIntelligence 5 (Linguistic Genius, Weakness Detection, Taint Resistance), MegaWits 1 (multitasking), MegaManipulation 1 (Persuader), MegaCharisma 1(Natural Agitator)

Quantum Powers: Intuition 1, Disorient 2, Disrupt 2, Quantum Forgery 2 (Extra: Full Power), Absorption: Mental to Mental Blast 1, Quantum Imprint 2, Quantum Vampire:Intelligence 1, Telepathy 2 (Weakness: Touch Only, Simultaneous requirement with Quantum Vampire, -1 to dice pool, Strengths: Multiple Actions allowed, Extended Duration-Maintenance, Reduce Quantum Level by 1), Invunerability:Broad Category-Emotional 1

Equipment/Gadgets: SubDermal Armor Web (gives 8 soak to bashing/lethal) Laser Spectacles (acts as quantum bolt with 6 lethal levels and 6 lethal dice of damage) SINWare (Nanotech tattoo giving James access to most MegaIntelligence Enhancements) The Bauble (mimics 5 dots of Density Control Decrease). All of these items were created using the gadget rules in the Aberrant: Players Guide.

Capsule: James "Jimmy" Meehan III was born the only son to James Meehan Jr. and Patricia Wells-Meehan. The Meehans were an old money family whose fortune was made in the old west; i.e. Railroads, Lumber and Cattle. So devoted to their jet-set life the Meehans decided to hold off having a child until their forties. Bad move. Patricia was 46 at the time of Jimmy's birth, which probably explained his being

born with Downs Syndrome. However, with a lot of love and encouragement Jimmy had a good childhood. Jimmy was a good son, hardworking and dedicated to being as good as he could be at everything he tried. A regular participant in the Special Olympics, Jimmy excelled at athletics above all else. He also idolized Novas. By the time he was 16 his parents had died in a plane crash, and Jimmy (with an executor for the estate) used his families money to aid and support a local group of Novas, The D-Division. The D-Division fashioned themselves after the four color style heroics of the comic books. For the next few of years he was their benefactor and buddy. One day he was present during and attack by one of their foes. Due to the sudden, vicious nature of the attack it was only a few moments before the D-Division was helpless. Overcome with a desire to help, an incredible need to be able to do something, Jimmy erupted. Within moments of his eruption he managed to use first aid to bring Sway, the team telekinetic, back to consciousness, hack into the D-Divisions computers and override the security profiles to lock them onto the intruder, and then formulate a plan of attack with the greatest chance of success.

After his eruption James became quite aware of the emotional and intellectual failings of his heroes. They were a collection of neurosis, inferiority complexes, behavioral deficiencies, and one good example of a manipulative antisocial personality disorder. Realizing he needed to move on he set the D-Division up with a trust and decided to best take advantage of his newfound abilities in Project Utopia. Joining their new training program Prodigy became acquainted with the Barrows Triplets, Nimoe, Morganna and Guennevere, and Jay “The Saint” Prince.

James disliked many aspects of Utopia from the get go, but believed in the end he could do more good for the world this way. He disliked being referred to by a code name, despised wearing a costume, and in general found the entire public relations aspect of Utopia demeaning. Despite his attempts to find the good in the group, James continued to feel stymied by Utopias policies and was disappointed in what he saw as their lack of vision and effective planning. When given the opportunity to join Jay Prince in leaving Utopia he took it without looking back.

Now as head of the now defunct (Thanks to Utopian pressure) Research and Development Division of NextStep James has more than enough to keep himself busy. He has a weekly column for N! called The Node, he is currently working on his autobiography in which he plans to expose the unpleasant underbelly of his experiences at Utopia, and has engaged in a subversive campaign to undermine Project Utopia and Team Tomorrow through illegal, unethical, and dastardly means. He also spends his time exploring the Teras philosophy and interacting with the group he formally despised, Teragen. James believes in the concept of total separation of baseline and nova. He feels that the baseline can only worship the novas to the detriment of their own well being. Novas, on the other hand, are destined to resent the needs of baselines to be protected, supported, and helped. James has come to the belief however that no nova can truly claim to have surpassed baseline humanity unless they expand their minds to fully be able to understand the Null Manifesto. As a result he tends to dismiss many members of the Teragen, those in the Primacy and Cult of Mal especially as ‘MonkeyMinds’.

James has accumulated a great deal of taint in his short career. Early on it was due to his desire to improve himself without understanding the dangers. Recently he has been much more careful in acquiring taint. His aberrations for the most part are a result of his unusual eruption. When James gained his wide array of skills and attributes they did not simply coalesce out of the ether. In fact he apparently drained this knowledge and vitality from 126 people from across the globe, resulting in their deaths. He is aware of this and is not bothered by it, he had no control over his eruption and while he has empathy for those individuals, that is all. As his taint has progressed he has developed various mental problems. In the beginning it was a simple emotional redirection in which he experienced anger instead of fear. He then started to develop memory flashbacks from the lives of those individuals whose abilities he had gained. Finally he developed a full personality split. He actually changes personalities, natures and access to skills depending on the situation he is in. During conflict his more aggressive personalities come to the front, he becomes a Bravo and no longer has full access to his more gentle skills. This also had the affect of changing his emotional shift in that it the switch depends on whatever personality he is ‘wearing’ at the moment. The latest addition to his collection of aberrations is that his powerful mind and his ability to absorb and redirect mental energies have begun to bleed off into his environment. Now anyone in his presence must make willpower check in resistance to James’ willpower. If James’ has a net advantage over the other person they take that many dice of bashing damage. James has handled the situation by imposing on his teammate Morganna who has the ability to alter another person’s aberrant makeup permanently. She has currently shifted his two medium aberrations into the aberration of Permanent Power-Quantum Imprint.


[This message has been edited by James 'Prodigy' Meehan (edited 05-13-2001).]

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My god James, taint 7! ouch.

Anyways, because of my role as storyteller, I unfortunatly do not get to play much. I could give you stats for the Atwight character, but 1. he is grotesquely powerful and 2. One of my players is on these forums (Sorry Jordan, you're out of luck).

If I were a player, however, this is the character I would play.


Real Name: Lucas Drake.

Date of Birth: June 5th, 1984.

Date of Eruption: January 1st, 2004.

Place of Origin: Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

Occupation: Quantum Energy/Nova Researcher.

Eruption: Laboratory Accident.

Nature: Judge or Architect.

Allegiance: Webb Enterprises.

Str: 2, Dex: 4 (Coordinated), Sta: 2

Per: 4 (Sharp Eyed), Int: 4 (Bookish), Wits: 3

App: 3, Cha: 2, Man: 3


Awareness: 2

Investigation: 3 (Analysis)

Academics: 3

Bureaucracy: 2

Computer: 1

Medicine: 2 (Novas)

Science: 3 Quantum Theory)

Rapport: 1

Etiquette: 1

Diplomacy: 1

Instruction: 1


Attunement: 5

Backing: 3 (Webb Enterprises)

Contacts: 3

Dormancy: 2

Node: 2

Resources: 3


Willpower: 5

Quantum: 3

Taint: 0

Quantum Pool: 26

Initiative: 7

Movement: 7/16/32

Bashing Soak: 2 (7 min with force field)

Lethal Soak: 1 (6 min with force field)


Mega-Perception: 1 (Quantum Attunement)

Disrupt: 1

Force Field: 2

Psychic Shield: 1

Quantum Bolt: 2

Quantum Leech: 1

Quantum Regeneration: 1

Lucas was 20 when he erupted. He was working at MacMaster University's nuclear research center, when there was an accident in the plant. his mind and body's response to the danger was to erupt with a protective force field. Lucas was amazed and delighted at this fortunate turn of events and emediatly rushed off to the nearest Rashoud facility. 3 Months of work and discovery, Lucas had mastered his current abilities, and he joined Utopia's Science and Technology Division.

Lucas enjoyed his work for the most part, except his supervisor was a serious pain, and had overlooked him for promotions an three separate occasions. Two and a half years of that crap and Lucas quit Utopia to take a job with Webb Enterprises. He has not regretted the discision since. Lately he has noticed some unusual behavior around the offices however.....

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Coupla comments

Jager, yes, James kinda pushed himself a little fast in the begining. But I have to admit, roleplaying the aberrations and the affect they have had on his psyche was one of the most fun experiences I have had in years. Now, turn abouts fair play. Post your character so we can get the skinny on you.

Jordan, your character rocks. I've enjoyed your forum comments. You play off all of the uber-baddasses really well. Thanx for bringing a new dimension to the mix.

Ranger, cool, compeletely cool character.

DarkWave, sweet concept. I like the combination of powers you might not usually think of as being related.

Lets see some more characters people!

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I'll not post wanton here, since I haven't played him very far. What follows is kind of my most favourite character of all times (partly because he replaced Geryon in a chronicle about the teragen).

This is how he began his existance. Btw, I

chose the flaw before the PG came out...

Name : Nikita (Nicholas Boskonovic)

Concept : ill-tempered bad ass sociopath

Nature : Bravo

Allegiance : Teragen (formerly : self)

Eruption : near-death starvation and cold

after retreating to Siberia

Str (smash) 4

Brawl 2

Might 1

Dex (brutish) 4

Athletics 1

Martial Arts 2

Fire Arms 2

Stealth 3

Sta 3 Mega 1

Endurance 4

Resistance 3

Per 3

Awareness 2

Int 2

Intrusion 2

Wit (instinct) 5

App 1

Intimidation 3

Man 2

Streetwise 3

Subterfuge 1

Cha 3

Willpower 4

Flaw : vengeful

Quantum 5

Taint 6

loss of hair, pitch black skin, bulging skull, slightly bulging muscles, sexless,

eyes are little red pieces of glowing coal

Initiative 9

Attunement 1

Cipher 3

Node 2

Resources 1

Transmit (shadows) 1 (incontiguous)

Bodymorph (shadow) 3 (density decrease 2, invisibility in shadows 1, immolate (bash) 1, subdermal senses)

Elemental Mastery (shadows) 2 (suffocate, enhance)

Tendril : tongue, range 1m, Str+4 stun damage


Real Name : Nicolas Boskonovic

Nationality : Russian

Hair : none

Eyes : glowing red pieces of coal

Height : 6'0"

Weight : 180 lbs

Gender : male

Age : 38

Native Language : Russian

Eruption : sometime after an accident

History : Even before his eruption, the nova now known as Nikita was

not overly attractive. He had a broad mouth, large eyes and a flat

nose. For a time, he was a member of the Red Army, then discharged

after taking two shots to the head. Miraculously, neither his nerves

nor his brain were damaged, but he looked like a perfect freak. The

projectiles had severed most of his facial muscle tissue. Nikita

became a bitter, secluded man. Most of his records got lost some way

or another during the economical collapse of Russia.

Nikita didn't care.

He cared about precious little until he looked into the small pocket

mirror that lay around in his hut. He had changed dramatically. Most

of his facial skin had receded, leaving his brow and cheek bones bare,

and his teeth in a permanent, gruesome grin. What was left of his skin

had turned pitch black. Even more unnerving was the way he was

percieving his own shadow. It had become a tangible thing, easy to form

with bare hands. After a little practice, Nikita didn't need his hands

anymore. After even a little more practice, his abilities extended over

other shadows as well.

Bitter, dangerous and set for revenge, Nikita reemerged from his

seclusion. With only a little effort, Nikita was able to dive into one

shadow and emerge from another. What little resources he needed he

made from "pocket picking", although not in the original sense. Nikita

found that he could inject a tranquilizing poison through his ejectable

tongue. Surely his sleeping victims could not object to him managing

their finances.

Disgusted at what his home country had become, Nikita travelled for a

while. He had become used to other people's reactions to him, and they

hadn't changed a bit with his new appearance. Even the Utopian whimps

did not dare to bother him, and that was alright with Nikita. Besides

food and somebody he can hit for whatevers bothers him at the moment,

Nikita needs very little.

well, he became a member of the teragen later, and developed into a ferocious battle machine. He underwent Chrysalis once and raised his quantum by 1 in the process. After that, though, playing Nikita became rather numb. He gained the aberrations sadistic, strange voice (low gurgle due to tongue), and instead of a head, he developed a huge maw with long, daggerlike teeth (permanent claws). He developed Mega Perception with the bloodhound and analytic touch extras, since he lost his eyes and for a time was blind.

Anyway, that's about it...


ridin' radiowaves !

[This message has been edited by wanton (edited 05-11-2001).]

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Well, here is how Jager started out back in 2018, his time.




Athletics5, Drive1, Firearms5, Legerdemain1, Martial Arts5, Melee5, Stealth5, Heavy Weapons5


Endurance3, Resistance3


Awarness5, Investigation5


Academics1, Bureau1, Computer1, Engineering1, Intrusion1, Linguistics5, Med1, Science1, Survival1, Military Science5(Tactics)


Biz5, Rapport5




Interrogation1, Streetwise1, Subterfuge1


Command1, Etiquette1

Powers: MegaStr.1(Lifter), MegaDex.1(Physical Prodigy), MegaSta.1(Adaptability), MegaInt.1(Tactical Genius), MegaWits1(Multi-tasking)

Backgrounds: Eufiber5, Resources2





Those first days were 'fun', jumping around with two pistols and a rifle. J took to carrying two swords for a while as well.

The first things he picked up were the other megastats (Perc.-Bloodhound, App.-Mr. Nobody, Man.-Persuader, and Cha.-Commanding Presence). J also picked up Analyze Weakness and Synergy. Once he had those, he picked up MegaStr.2 and Claws with the REC and APing Extras. Defensively, J picked up Intuition, Psychic Shields, and Invulnerability (Quantum Detection-Broad-based). That was really the birth of Jager. J had gone by the name Jason before that and had the alias of Carson Laysenbe. J started working on his cypher(with the help of a Cyberkinetic who became the model for Tasha).

Other powers, mostly defensive, followed. J's major premise was simple things still hurt, but he became more resistance to novas-specific things like Quantum Manipulation, Temporal/Entropic Effects, and Aggravated Damage. MegaStats increased in waves, with a Dex/Wits emphasis and nothing was ever bought tainted (raising Quantum sucked). Skills, primarly in the social arena, were also raised, but only command really stood out.

More will follow later. Let me know what you think.

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Well, some great characters and ideas here.

Prodigy is scary. Not only in the taint and powers department either.

Jager, I like. great story, great direction.

Damn you Atwight, THAT'S how that bastard did that to me! Clever boy.

Wanton, Nikita makes me want to curl up into the fetal position and cry like a baby. Good work.

OK, so I have just gotten 6 points of experience that I must spend on power developement. I have some ideas but I would like some advice first. Here are some of my thoughts.

Raise Mega Appearance (or any 1 dot mega stat really) by 1

Develope the Perfect Balance Mega-Dex Enhancement

Buy Bounce defined as Super Acrobatics (This one is in top running so far)

Buy Intuition defined as a combination of Mega-Per and Mega-Wits

Buy Luck 'cause I like it

Well, what do you think?

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Rossi, a physical savant like us can never go wrong with more mega-Dex. Likewise, our lack of a powerful soak makes Intuition real handy. Luck isn't worth it unless you buy alot (3+ levels). Anything that helps with mobility (and stays true to the character) is very useful. Save the extra enhancement for a little while. It's great for showboating, but in the early days, your having enough fun just learning what you can do with the basics.

I am probalby just saying the same things your thinking.

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Rossi, I have just three words for you.




Power costs baby, screw humanity and give your ST a chance to enhance your character with a choice, freakish, aberration or two.

I have to concur with Jaeger though, Luck sucks unless you have at least three dots. As for Perfect Balance, it is not a particularly great enhancement. Most of the enhancements in the PG are a cut below the ones in the main book.

I don't know how much combat you have in your game, but you need soak and you need it pretty badly. Armor is nice because it doesnt have to be defined as physical resistence. Simply define it as your superior physical ability to dodge, weave, and roll with blows.

Good luck.

Jaeger, trippy character. Gonna give us a glimpse at his current stats? I would also love to read up on his back ground. Some of the things you have let slip in the forums have me completely fascinated. Same with you Atwight, though I understand you can't let your players see him in all of his glory.

Lets see some more characters people. I especially would love to see anyone who has been posting in character in the OPNet forums.

And hey, to all you people that think 7 taint is too much. I still got two more taint to use you know! As of the last game we played in the series (killed by a botch) I attained taint 8.

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Here's one for you, this guy started with a lot of NPs but only really got played about six or seven times. Can't quite remember all the skills. He's well overpowered but might make a good NPC. I just loved the idea of a guy with paired pistols shooting down rock hard novas. (I love John Wu movies!) I think I managed about 20 odd levels with one of the guns once...

Handle: The Gunman

Name: Jimmy "The Freak" Rousseau

Eruption:Extreme stress

Capsule: Jimmy Rousseau was a small time mafia soldier scamming his boss. Jimmmy would never had made anything of himself in organised crime due to his habit of "Freaking" in stressful situations.

Unfortunetly for Jimmy his boss caught him skimming money and decided to "liquidate" him. Jimmy caught wind of what was going to happen and ran, but not far enough. In a warehouse in Chicago the boss and ten of his men caught up with Jimmy as he arranged some "holiday money". As a gun battle erupted Jimmy freaked only this time it was different, instead of collapsing into a quivering heap an icy calm decended on Jimmy's mind. Jimmy moved with deadly precision, killing the assembled soldiers in a hail of uneeringly accurate gunfire.

Following the warehouse battle Jimmy found himself changed. His mind had expanded beyond his previous, narrow world view. Jimmy joined Utopia in an attempt redeam himself but left soon after, unable to deal with Utopia's "gentle" control. Calling himself "The Gunman" Jimmy hired himself out as an Elite, specialising in hard luck cases and detective work. The pay sucked smile.gif


Dex 5, Str 3, Sta 3, Per 3, Int 3, Wits 3, Manip 2, Cha 3, App 3.

Skills frown.gifcan't remember them all)

Firearms 5, Drive 3, Medicine 2, brawl 2, awareness 3, investigation 2, law 2, science 1, biz 2

Mega Stats:

Mega Dexterity 5 (Accuracy, fast-tasks)

Mega Strength 1 (Quantum Leap)

Mega Stamina 1 (Regeneration)

Mega Intelligance 1 (Analyse weakness)

Mega Perception 1 (Enhanced hearing)

Mega Wits 2 (QuicknessX3)


Danger Sense 2

Body Modification:Adhesion

Armour 1

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Looking at Rangers cool character reminds me of a house rule that we use down here. No one can have more levels of Enhanced Initiative or Quickness than they have Mega-Wits. Otherwise, the whole extra action thing gets way out of hand. We had nightmares of the Mega-Wits one guy with a +25 Init. and six actions a round

As for a Jager update and history, let me think about it. In his current chronicle, he spent the whole session talking to a preacher about God and the law. Seems Jager had a run in with a nova who thinks he is an angel of God. Being a cop can really suck, ya know?

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FOOLS...you have given your innermost secrets to me...Gods Holy wrath shall burn....someday..soon perhaps.

I like the gunman idea. Too many people think that fancy powers and huge quantum make for a killing machine. I like characters that... have character, if you will.

In theory you can do a lot of damage with just one gun toting maniac.

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OK James, you asked for him, you got him.

Please remember that Atwight is an NPC and represents the most powerful Non-Cannon character in my campaign. Please keep the hurling of rotting fruit to a minimum smile.gif Also, if anyone has any constructive criticism for the character or how I have been portraying him on this site, I will gladly listen.


Real Name: Unknown

Other Aliases: Dr Andrew Sommerville, The Innovator, Cecil Wilks, The Stalker, among others

Eruption: Conception?

Nature: Visionary

Alligance: Indipendent

Str: 3, Dex: 4 (Coordinated), Sta: 5 (Enduring)

Per: 4 (Observant), Int: 7 (Innovative), Wits: 4 (Calm)

App: 3, Cha: 5 (Polite), Man: 3

Drive: 3

Firearms: 4

Melee: 2

Pilot: 3 (Wing Pack)

Endurance: 5

Resiliance: 5

Awareness: 5

Investigation: 5

Academics: 4

Computer: 4

Engineering: 6 (Quantum Engineering)

Medicine: 6

Science: 6 (Biological Engineering, Quantum Field Theory)

Arts: 2

Biz: 2

Streetwise: 1

Subterfuge: 3

Etiquette: 2


Allies: 2

Attnement: 2

Contacts: 4

Cypher: 5

Dormancy: 4

Eufiber: 3

Node: 3

Resources: 6

Willpower: 7

Quantum: 7

Taint: 7

Quantum Pool: 40

Initiative: 11

Bashing Soak: 35 (With eufiber and force field)

Lethal Soak: 27 (With eufiber and force field)

ABBERATIONS: Flashbacks - Immersive Recall, Uncontrolled Power - Pretercognition, Unearthly Beauty - Appears to be made from translucent Bio-Matter (Think of the Qin from Trinity, or the Taelons from Earth: Final Conflict), Colored Skin - Golden


Mega-Stamina: 5 (Resiliancy x2, Regeneration, Hardbody, Tireless)

Mega-Perception: 3 (Quantum Attunement, Analyze Taste/Touch, Electromagnetic Vision)

Mega-Intelligence: 6 (MP: Engineering, MP: Medicine, MP: Science, Eidetic Memory, Mathematical Savant, Analyze Weakness)

Mega-Wits: 3 (Multi-Tasking, Artistic Genius, Lie Detector)


Force Field: 1

Matter Creation: 6

Quantum Construct: 5

Matter Manipulation: 3 (Destruction, Molecular Alteration, Shape Alteration)

Pretercognition: 5

Cyberkinesis: 3 (Alter Data, Reprogram, Possession)

Quantum Authority: 1 (Quantum Reduction)

Quantum Awareness: 2


Taint Resistance

Quantum Recovery L3





Atwight is a man with vision, unfortuantely for him, no one understands him. Although he wants to make the world a better place through his discoveries and technology, he is too far ahead of current technological standards that even other hyper intelligent have difficulty understanding the implications of his theories and innovations. To that end, Atwight spends most of his time slowing himself down so that others might understand what he has to offer. He has learned the value of patience over the years and some very hard lessons have shown him that not everyone is willing to share his vision, or even sees value in it. This has caused him to revise his view of the world and wait for those who think like him to rise closer to his level.

Atwight gains his powers from a direct link to the Quantum Field. All of his abilities, except for Pretercognition, revolve around him manipuating Quantum Patterns and Fields directly. I don't want to give out too much information on his background but I will say this. Atwight was born a nova. It is generally assumed that he erupted at his conception or sometime before his actual birth, but there is no way of knowing for sure. He was also born during the early years of the 20th century. no one is sure of the exact year, but he has made refrences to bearing witness to both World War 2 and the war in Vietnam.

Any suggestions?

[This message has been edited by Atwight (edited 05-15-2001).]

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yannow, the last campaign I ran started out years upon years after a totally taintridden war. China didn't post an ultimatum yada yada yada... anyway, it was kind of a mix between the movies "the Postman" and the "Nemesis" series.

There was one nova in particular that earned the wrath of the entire player troupe, just because they didn't know who he/she/it was. I always liked Levvie in the canon, but I also always thought you could do so much more with the tidbit of history that's given in the novphiles.

He didn't escape into the sewers (because there were none - he erupted during the war), and grew in power exorbitantly because of the dying novas around him (kind of like the Rising Stars concept, or Highlander, if you will).

But, since the civilations that followed the war didn't take up with complete maniacal freaks about 12 feet long and slimy till Iowah, he, along with dozens of other taint wrecked novas, created a subterranean realm (in sweet remembrance of the sewers in canon).

There were basically 4 factions in this world (yes, pretty four colour too, but hey, it worked out fine). There were the highly sophisticated novas, along with some human slaves, that lived in technological utopias high above the cloud. They were masters of technology, but bound themselves by a strict caste system defined by their powers. Mostly, they consisted of several 3-5 dot mega att's, and the accompanying extras. Few had any real powers besides bioluminiscence and flying. They had their tech to defend themselves, and anyone who acquired too much taint was thrown overboard, or exiled (if they could fly). BUT, as you may have guessed, the oh-so-benevolent ruler of this tech empire was taint wrecked himself, and had close contacts to Levvie's underground aberrants.

The second faction was the pirates - novas born out of need. They have a pretty strong caste system, but actually very few castes. They developed mostly straight forward abilities, like flying, q-bolt, invulnerability. Anyone with extrasensory powers became a navigator for the huge, ancient junk ships they used to trade with the baselines living in the ruins of the cities or in the caves. The most mystickal caste of the pirates were the priests, actually everyone with premonition, pretercognition, luck or stuff like that. They kept the rest of the pirates satisfied with prophecies about messiahs and angels - until the time when the PC's arrive - who -tada- look exactly like the messiahs and angels.

well, the 3rd faction is the baselines in the caves, and the fourth is evil evil levvie underground...

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Nice idea, but I don't think the stat above five is necessary. Trust me, rolling 11 dice and six Mega dice at any problem is more than enough. The impossible is only a six difficulty. Since he isn't at least 500 years old, any stat above 5 is going to be a touchy subject. Your Mega-Int 6 conveys the the fact of his mental isolation nicely. I don't think having the science-like skills above 5 is needed. Just make your limit of specialties larger, say four or five, instead of the standard three.

You need a little athletics and your streetwise should be a two, if you are 'avoiding' Utopia and a little steath wouldn't hurt do to your recent exploits. If you are familiar with the world wars, a Brawl score wouldn't be inappropriate.

Take the Force Field up to level 3. With your Q-Construct being at a level 5, it would make sense.

Dealing with taint is an interesting question. Being outside the Teragen, I am pleased you didn't give yourself Crysalis.

Definitely a behind the scenes mover and shaker and the one-two punch of Mega-Int. and Precog. is terrifying. Still, he has his weaknesses and makes sense.

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Atwight- Sweet screaming purple monkey loving hell! He's cool. I like the character design, gonna have to agree with Jager on his critique. I found once you have MegaInt 5, Int 5 and a skill of 4+ rolling dice simply becomes silly.

So, what level of power do your characters walk around with? Is Atwight completely out of their league? How about Cannon? In our game we didn't tend to mess around with cannon too much because it was simply acknowledged that these folks had way more experience than we did, the one exception being when we wacked the Apostle.

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Jager, James your suggestions are appreciated. The increased Intelligence is actually due to a biotech "second brain" implanted into his head (in his nova form he has an extended cranium). I agree with the subterfuge and stealth. Both will be upgraded in the near future. He doesn't have brawl because he fankly doesn't feel he needs it. If he gets in to a fistfight, he summons up a monster. I left his force field at 1 because it didn't seem like the kind of power he would focus on but I may consider upping it as well.

As for the dice pool issue. I don't think rolling 11 dice with 6 Mega-Dice to reduce difficulty is that bad considering a character with Q5 and Q-Bolt5 is rolling 35 dice for damage! I like the fact his difficulty for most intelligence rolls will be around 2 or 3.

To answer your question James, yes Atwight is totally out of the players league. The characters in my game were all built on 30 nova points. See Jordan's character for an example of one of my players (well, ex-players now that my game has shut down). I didn't really use cannon characters for anything more than pretty wallpaper. I like making my own characters , it's more fun that way.

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Interesting character idea Atwight, he'd be the character in my games that I would swap for someone like the Mathematician to make him more interesting. Definitely too powerful to allow in a players hands. Maybe as a contact or a mentor pulling strings while others dance to his tune.

James, oddly enough we did the same in our game, none of the cannon characters were touched…except for the Apostle who was (eventually) killed by The Ranger. The Apostle is just TOO annoying!

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On a related note; that is when I like to introduce those silly, annoying "Ressurection" powers into the game. If the PC's can kill him, and can do so without pulling out all the stops or making heroic sacrifices, then, maybe, he had enough xps and a high enough Q to pull it off. It beats dusting off the latest Q:6 bad-guy who no one has ever heard about for next weeks game.

Sorry, I think I read too many Marvel comics as a kid.

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The way I see it, the only way Atwight can relate and communicate with baselines is by dorming down, and even then his is still smarter than most people he will encounter. In fact, the way I run him, a nova has to have a Mega-Int 4+ to understand his more advanced theories. Also, anyone seeing him in his nova form might actually confuse him for an extra-terrestrial. That would just suck.

I'm not sure ressurection is a good idea to pull off on a regular basis. Speaking from a players perspective, the life and death revolving door is the most annoying thing to deal with. It has to be handled with tact and grace, and it must fit the story and character. I might allow a major villian to "Ressurect" if the conditions of his death allows it. An example; the villans death is unseen. Did he really die? That is a comic book classic.

Another idea. The characters blast the villian and he falls down dead, but there is still a body. They bury him thinking "well thats one less nut job in the world," and he suddenly reappers sometime down the road. What happened? simple, he regenerated while in a protective coma. Now the characters get to battle him all over again, and assuming they kill him again they atomize his body just for good measure! There are thousands of ways of handling this without resorting to a new power. Just make sure it doesn't get overused.

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Atwight, awsome character

As for the resurrecting bad guys thing... from a player's perspective, that's one of the worst things a ST can do to you. With important baddies, all of the effort and sweat you just put out makes a nice "phzzzzzt!" sound when they see the guy walking around again. I know this for a fact because I have a ST who's done it before.

In certain instances, or if its plot required, then yeah, do something cheesy and bring the villain back. Otherwise, if he's so essential that he can't die, don't put him in a position to be killed.

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But Stellar, Players will often do things you never thought of, and do you want a whole story arc crashing because of a lucky shot or a clever ploy.

By all means, if the PC's put a great deal of effort into something and succeed, let them. They earned it.

I did say that resurrection was a silly power, right?

The only time I used it, it was because the Teragen NPC that they were supposed to meet up with and learn about the Teragen from, got geeked because the characters responded to the situation in their own unique way.

So, they got hold of his body after he died and one of the PC's took him out for an autopsy (he noticed that while the guy had physical aberrations, he had no taint). Half way through the autopsy, the guy wakes up and the story arc continued.

Did I cheat? Yes. Did the player get great roleplaying out of the encounter? Yes, he did. Being a forensic specialist, he found the whole thing facinating.

The chief job I have is to ensure the players have fun. That doesn't always mean that they win, but that they fight, think, try and at the end of the night, leave talking about what happened and what they plan to do next session. Am I wrong?

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