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Aberrant RPG - [STUPID] Video Games a la Aberrant


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I did say this was stupid...

Just as a change of pace, here's something that cannot possibly be used in an Aberrant Game. Remember all those Video Games you've played? Yes, even the Nintendo Games. Especially the Nintendo Games. Have you ever been so bored that you figured out what powers they'd have in the Aberrant Universe?


My Namesake, Kirby, from Nintendo's line of games.

Quantum Imprint (At least from Kirby's Adventure Onwards)

Immobilise (Sucking them into himself)


The Mario Brothers.

Quantum Bolt (With Fire Flower)

Quantum Leap

Sizemorph (Grow) (With Mushroom)

Flight (with Leaf/Feather/Winged Cap)

There are probably plenty more, but I can't be bothered thinking of any others.

Donkey Kong



Sonic the Hedgehog:


Immolate (it's the only way you can explain his method of killing enemies)

Any others?

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