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This is a project that started in my other board: Design your own T2M teams for various regions of the world and post them here.

These characters would be incredibly useful for most campaigns as a means of enforcement, as they would always be there to question more criminal oriented characters and collect on bills created by the destruction on public/private property. Post those teams people!

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OK, very well.

Alexis "Swift" McKenzie

Alexis appeared in the Opnet Board Story, "On Wizard's Watch". She was intended to be a bit part player, but me being me, I managed to intertwine her into my circle of novas. I didn't create her, I think Wizard did. At the time she was a T2M Auxillery, she's either a member of T2M proper, or now a upstanding DeVries Elite. Enjoy laugh

Real Name: Alexis McKenzie

Nova Name: Swift

Concept: Protector

Nature: Follower

Alleigance: T2M Auxillery/T2M/DeVries

Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3, Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Appearance 3, Manipulation 2, Charisma 3

Abilities: Brawl 3, Might 1, Athletics 2, Firearms 2, Martial Arts 3, Melee 3, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 2, Investigation 3, Navigation 2, Academics 1, Bureaucracy 2, Science 1, Survival 2, Rapport 1, Intimidation 1, Style 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1, Etiquette 2

Backgrounds: Allies 1, Backing 3, Influence 3, Resources 3, Eufiber 2, Attunement 2

Willpower: 4

Taint: 4

Quantum 2

Initiative: 13(!)

Merits/Flaws: Sexy (1pt Merit), Internal Compass (1pt Merit), Enemy - Alex McKenzie (1pt Flaw)

Nova Powers: Mega-Dexterity 2 (Fast Tasks, Enhanced Movement), Mega-Wits 2 (Enhanced Initiative, Quickness x2), Hypermovement 4

She has no actual story so far, I'd rather leave that to the actual author. But, the "Enemy - Alex McKenzie" needs a little explanation. You see, Alex and Alexis know each other from way back. They were in High School together. It turned out that year after year, They'd be stuck in the exact same classes, No matter how hard they tried, no matter what class they took, the other took it as well. It was all complete coincidence, but over the years, the two formed the suspicion that the other was doing it deliberately. It formed into an intense rivalry, that caused the two to become possibly the best students in the school, in Class, School Society and Sporting Endeavours. Frankly, Alex breathed a sigh of relief when Alexis erupted, simply because of the fact that it's the rare nova that chooses to go through uni. Turned out he was right. At the time of On Wizard's Watch, Alexis was assigned as a bodyguard to Safari Jack Tallon, At the time of On Wizard's Watch, she was seriously looking at a new direction in life...

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Hey, sorry man but I was a player in my TT. What's the deal anyway? Create your own guys if you want some. The guys I created for a one shot at a Convention last year would probably seem ridiculously underpowered to you, I'd still have posted them, but I have lost their stats and backgrounds. If I have the time I'll try and recreate them in some form.

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Ok Kewpie, I guess I will humor you and waste the time of anyone else reading this. These guys are from a one shot game I ran for a local convention, CONduit, last year. They are built on 30 NP with 100 pts of experience. These are based on what I gave to the various players so the stories on their eruptions and Role Playing notes sound a little weird. Also, the Abilities were based more for actual game play and to give a hint of the character's background so not a lot of points went to anything that would be useless for the game I had planned.

The first is my favorite.


Real Name: Llewelyn Jones




Brawl 5, Might 3, Athletics 2, Drive 1, Awareness 3, Academics 3, Computer 3, Linguistics 3 (French, Spanish, Japanese), Style 1, Command 1, Etiquette 1, Perform 1.

Backgrounds: Resources 4, Attunement 1, Backing 4, Influence 4, Eufibre 2

Traits: Willpower 3, Taint 5 (see Image), Quantum 4, Quantum Pool 28


MegaStr 5 Crush, Quantum Leap

MegaSta 4, Resilience X2, Regeneration

MegaWits 1, Quickness


Psychic Shield 2

Armor 3

Invunerability:Physical 1

Invunerability:Energy 1

History: Life pretty much sucked until your eruption. You were smare and funny, and should have been popular despite your geeky appearance, but it never quite worked out. You said the wrong things, pissed off the wrong people, etc. You never really had any friends. Girls were repulsed by your lack of hygiene, bad dress and poor social skills. Growing up didn't help much either. It turned out pissing off your boss was so much worse than upsetting a teacher.

Then came that night. You were never much of a drinker, but days that bad deserved to be drowned in some form of liquor. The same lack of social acumen that led you to tell the boss what you *really* thought about hiring his nephew also led you to believe that a spaz like you could get quietly drunk in a place called Harley Haven. Of cours, things might have been ok had you not felt that it was really just polite to inform "Tank" and "Knuckles" that they should conisder trading in their hogs for the new BMW bikes because German engineering was simply superior.

It would have been nice had the eruption occured a cople of minutes earlier than it did. The scientists at the Rashoud Clinic theorized that you had been beaten up so manny times as you grew that your body had grown to accept it as a normal occurence. But when Tank pulled a knife, that seemed to do the trick. It says a lot for your inner-character that you didn't kill anyone. Tank is still probably not up to walking yet, but you didn't *kill* anyone.

Well, the life of a Nova has been a boon. You don't seem to have anywhere near the trouble interacting with people anymore, amazing what gets handled during some eruptions. Project Utopia called and you answered with glee. Like many 'mentally gifted/physically challenged' individuals you had dreamts of adventure. Now you get to live it.

Role Playing Notes:

Eruption was nice, but you're starting to get really pissed. Fine, you didn't end up with a build like Pax or Core, but you still cut a nice figure at the beach. Now, you've started to regress. The scientists may call it Quantum Build Up, but you call it a pain in the ass. Not only do you have your scrawny figure back, but you need glasses too, contacts just don't seem to help.

Maybe you had to take the teasing when you were just a baseline, but god help anyone who gives you shit now. You've already developed a bit of a reputation as a bully among the baseline staff in Venice. It's not like you're a Terat, you don't call baselines "Monkey" or anything like that But sometimes, deep down you wonder whether or not maybe you should force the bastards to treat you with respect.


You don't cut the figure of a classic brick. You're 5'10" and weigh 145 lbs. You look to be all elbows, ears, and feet. You look gawky and uncoordinated. The only glasses that seem to help, thick coke bottle lenses with horn rim frames, don't improve matters either. About the only thing that doesn't scream 'Spaz' is your facial expression, supreme confidence.

One more for now.


Real Name:Hiroshi Yakizuma




Athletics 2, Martial Arts 1, Stealth 1, Awareness 2, Academics 3, Computer 2, Linguistics 2 (English, Italian), Medicine 1, Science 2, Arts 1, Rapport 2, Style 2, Etiquette 2, Perform 1

Backgrounds: Resources 4, Influence 5, Backing 4, Eufibre 4, MR Node 4

Traits: Willpower 4, Taint 6 (Glowing Eyes, Glow, Andogynous), Quantum 5, Quantum Pool 30

Mega Attributes:

MegaDex 2, Catfooted

MegaWits 1, Multitasking

MegaApp 1, Seductive Looks


Elemental Mastery (Energized Neon) 5

BodyMorph (Energized Neon) 4 (Density Control Decrease 4)

Holo 3


Disorient 2


You loved the U.S. It wasn't uncommon for you to have some fascination with the U.S. culture, it was pretty common among teenagers in Japan. You went a little further though. You collected American movies, books, posters, anything you could lay your hands on. At 16 you were not only fluent in English, but you could mimic some of the more unusual dialects. Your parents were a little disturbed , but you were smart, you studied like a demon, brought home excellent grades and gave them no reason to restrict your one unusual passion.

As a gift for acing your college entrance exams your parents rewarded you with the best gift ever, a two week vacation to the U.S. You were ecstatic and you were sure you would have the time of your life. You did too. You spent two weeks in the greatest city in the world (as far as you were concerned) New York City. Everything was just awe inspiring, the people, the food, the entertainment. You spent your last night in Times Square, just soaking it all in, MTV Studios, XWF New York, StarLords, it was all there. MTV was having a special on a new boy band, Mal'Iscious, and you were there cheering along with thousands of other fans. That's when the shit hit the fan. Out of nowhere an explosion ripped through the crowd, sending blood and flesh flying about. It was the Terragen terrorist Shrapnel tearing up the place. She was screaming something about how dare a bunch of monkeys use Mal's name. It was hard to follow especially when one of her blasts ignited a gas main beneath your feet. You went flying through the air and smashed right into one of the major light displays that surround Times Square.. You don't remember much after that, but it was captured by the cameras of MTV, making your eruption one of the most famous in the world.

You floated down from the smashed light display with a grin on your face a mile wide. Your body was now a semi translucent glowing form of gas. Your singularly unique appearance stunned Shrapnel and working on instinct along and pumped up with the forces of your eruption you unleashed your newfound might into her. You beat her too, though you have doubts as to whether you could duplicate that feat today.

A televised eruption and the defeat of a known Teragen murderess and you knew Utopia would have to come knocking. And did they ever. You chose Utopia over Nippontai over the load protests of your government and family, but you were of age and Utopia would allow you to spend as much time in the U.S. as you could handle, something Nippontai would have discouraged.

RolePlaying Notes:

You are having the time of your life. Every moment seems more excting than the last. You're so happy that the mutations you gained on eruption don't bother you in the slightes. The glowing eyes are kind of neat actually. The andogyny is a little wierd, but you're gorgeous and that helps.

All that aside, your loyalty to Utopia is not exactly pure. You really hurt your family and disappointed a lot of people when you didn't join Nippontai, but Utopia offered you more of what you wanted.

Image: You are beautiful in a strange, sexless way. Both men and women find you compelling and this has caused you some concern. Your features lend themselves to being photographed and combined with your inital popularity has made you one of the most photographed figures in T2M. You rarely smile, trying to keep an enigmatic front, but your natural excitement makes that difficult.

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