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Aberrant RPG - Another new power... feedback please? :)

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Another meta-power... if you guys think it's good idea I'll post it to N!Prime for playtesting and what not.

Quantum Dam (or Block...)

Level: 3

Quantum Minimum: 4

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Quantum Dam

Range: (Quantum + Quantum Dam) * 5

Area: N/A

Duration: Special

Multiple Actions: N/A


Through manipulation of the ebb and flow of Quantum Field around his opponent, or by physically affect a M-R Node, the Nova can make it more demanding for his chosen target to manipulate quantum.


To use the Nova pay the quantum cost and roll Intelligence + Quantum Dam, opposed by the target's Quantum + Node. Even one success is enough to set the dam into place.

The power's duration is [Quantum Dam] + (# of successes over the resisted roll) turns. While the dam is being held, it is counted as maintenance powers.

While the dam is in place, the nova under it's effect must spend extra Quantum for every power and enhancement he wishes to use. He must add the Nova's [Quantum Dam]/2 (rounded up!) to the base cost of any powers/enhacement.

Quantum Dam is not cumulative, if a Nova is targeted by two Dams, the most powerful one over-ride the lesser one, nor can a Dam be replaced by a lesser one. What more, targeting the same Nova with this power more then once in the same Scene incure a cumulative +1 Penalty.

There you go... what do you think? How could it be 'improved' toward game play?

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Interesting power.

Two things: Since it is a Quantum Mega-Power, shouldn't it be Q:5?

Also, I am worried about it utterly shutting someone down. A person with no node will probably get one action off. The attacker should get 6 successes (and should spend the willpower for the seventh) while the target may get three. That is two extra quantum for every quantum spending action taken. A quick death for someone with multiple levels of Quickness or Enhanced Init., or for someone with level three powers.

It is an excellent ambush power. If you get hit by it, get out of the range, pronto. If you can't, surrender.

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Hmm... well, I made it Quantum 4 on basis that Quantum Imprint is also Quantum 4 and it's pretty much the biggest pre-APG Meta-Power... But Quantum 5 is okay with me anyway.

I haven't playtested it yet thought, but IMO, it doesn't seem that over powered if you compare it to say... Disrupt. Sure, your power cost a lot more now, but you can still use them and if your important powers are already turned on (like flight or forcefield) then that power won't do much to you. Although playtesting may show it to be way too powerful for all I know.

It doesn't affect the normal effect of megas... A brick will still smash your head in the floor and since you don't get multiple action, you may not be able to dodge...

It is however an excellent surprise power and yes, dangerous for people relying on Quickness/Enhance Init... but hey, the power has to be good for something smile.gif

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I'm taking it that as with all other powers ou are immune to your own. You can set this off and it will affect everyone else rather than you?

I kinda like it.....reminds me of those pesky psi's that can dampen all your powers.

I have to agree with Jager though, quantum 5 sounds about right, don't forget that disrupt will only affect one thing, so it's no good against multiple powers/opponents.

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