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OK, another thread for the sake of having it, what sort of Aberrant Powers do you think would be useful when playing Aberrant?

Here's what I got:

Holo: Why describe what your character is doing when you can just show it?

Telepathy: Or even better, total realism by projecting images into the brain!

Luck: To rig the dice rolls, of course...

Mega-Manipulation: "No, the Quantum bolt missed me..."

Anyone else got any?

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Lie Detector for catching players out when they tell you they made a great roll while you were in the bathroom.

Postcognition for seeing those "amazing" dice rolls.

Telekineis for fudging your own dice rolls.

Force field for when the players find out about the fudged dice rolls.

Hypermovement for when they find out about the force field and bring out the month old pizza slice as chemical warfare.

Invisibility so that you never have to show your face again.

Density decrease so that you can live in the walls of the gaming room and GM games through a hole in the cinderblock.

Adaptability so that you don't need any food to survive because sure as hell after the telekinetic dice stunt you are not getting any pizza for a few months.

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You could also use matter creation to put up yer own dice...The better to rig the rolls with...

Elemental Mastery: Gaming supplies--Dice manipulation, GM storm, ccreat character, Powergamer shield...


The Eleventh Wonder of the World.

Hype, Sacrelige, Uniforms...

In loving memory of the integrity of the White Wolf Forums (RIP)

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Luck and ESP

PC's are fighting some big bad guy. Use ESP to see how the GM statted him up and use it to your advantage. Luck to procure whatever you need to defeat him. "Oh, look! It's teh rare compund Strontium-942! What a surprise, he had an instantly fatal reaction to it!" or "Hey guys I bet if we do _____(fill in blank) it'll over come his soak." I'm sure you can imagine the possabilities.

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