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Aberrant RPG - New Power - Astral Projection (repost)


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Well, since it vanished, and we hadn't finished talking about it, I'll post it up again. I've made a few small alterations to the power from the last discussion

Astral Projection

Level: 2

Quantum Minimum: 3

Dice Pool: Perception + Astral Projection

Range: (Quantum + Power Rating) x 1km

Area: Self

Duration: Maintenance

Effect: Creates a projection of the Nova

Multiple Actions: No

Astral Projection allows the nova to send her quantum consciousness to a projection that looks like the nova. While the Projection is active, the nova's body is unconscious.

The Projection has some advantages. For one, as it is a projection, any damage done to it is halved, and returned to the nova as Bashing Damage. However, The projection is essentially Dormed down, unable to access any Quantum Powers or Mega-Attributes, and has no access to Attunement or Node. However, the projection receives no bonus to escape detection, and continues to have her Physical and Mental Aberrations.

1 success on the Perception + Astral Projection Roll has the Projection as a solid construct, able to be hit or touched like any other person. Every success on the roll allows the nova to add 1 Density Decrease dot to the Projection, up to a maximum of 4 dots. Of course, once the nova reaches her specified density, she does not need to decrease further. In addition to this, she may also use extra sucesses to increase the range by 1km per success

Extras: Extended Range (Range is (Quantum + Power Rating) x 10km), Set Density (at time of purchase, nova may choose a set level of Density Control; only 1 success is required to reach that level, but the Projection is always at that level.

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Considering the aspects of a "projected" awareness and density decrease, would this not be a Lvl 3 power?

Comments made without a book in front of me:

Beyond that, and off the top of my head; wouldn't density decrease with specific weaknesses to simulate a quiescent body that you could be attacked through give you the same effect? And remove the need to sepcify ranges? If you went that route you could also specify merged powers as I understand that rule.

One astral would be an unseen participant (invisibility merged with density decrease, weakness leaves a host body behind) that could probably only be detected by quantum awareness or mental powers. Another astral would be density decrease merged with teleportation (traveling at the speed of thought).

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