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[Fiction] The witnesses

Vox Via

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The dead always talked to him. Those who had died around him, were now a part of him. he drew them in, and they became his watchers. They knew everything he knew. They stood over him in judgment they told him what he should do. He didn't always listen. they were dead, he was alive. He wished they would go away. He wished they would stop watching. stop listening. He mostly wished they would shut up. They rarely were a bother, but sometimes when he used to much power they would come out and try to act as his judges,

They were dead. He knew they were dead. Yet, they would not stop following him. In life a few were friends, some were foes. Most were strangers. they were with him always. If they were nothing more than faces. He hated his witnesses.

He wished he could go back to other place. The place where fawks was still alive. But he did not belong there, and that wasn't his Fawks. his fawks was dead. His Fawks was a witness. his Fawks could no longer hold him in tender arms. Death had taken him. He couldn't bring back his Fawks, even if he could, should he? Shouldn't let Fawks rest? shouldn't he try to get rid of his witnesses but without them, Fawks would be completely lost to him. Was his happiness worth more than Fawks'?

Should he let his lover rest? But that lose would be too great. Damned with the rest of the witnesses. To hell with he need of others. He wanted his lover. Was that so wrong? He went out his way to not get anymore witnesses. He had went years without adding another. But He had killed someone, and a new one was added. The one who killed Fawks.

She was ripping at his mind. He hated having her. Was she the last one to make up for the comforts of his lover? Did she bring so much pain and hate, that the love he got from his lover loose meaning? He wanted them all to shut up. He needed to get himself back together. he had nearly died days ago. Oh, what would the world have been like if he had sat at home that day. That wasn't something to think of. Alma mater the pain he had to suffer, the lives he saved were worth it.

They were worth it? Were they? He knew how that if had sat back, many would die. A terrible nova would have been born, and death would spread threw out everyone. But death was spreading out threw everyone anyway. Did he really save the day? Did he even buy the world some more time? he didn't know. He wished he could use enough his power to make sure everything was right. But that would weaken to a point he dared not go to. not with the witnesses like this.

She was already telling him to kill his enemies her siren calls were tempting him and the thought of killing wasn't looking so bad anymore. He often caught himself making a list of name of those who had to die. The scariest part were most of those names were teragen. He was sickened by this thought, but they did no longer followed the path of teras. They should be killed. only the true followers of the teras should claim that name. They were fakes.

No, that was her talking. She was wrong. killing was wrong. He had to get rid of the witnesses. he had to control himself more. He had to embrace his true self and not those who watched him. They were not him. they were not even alive. They were dead. Who cared what the dead thought?

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The witnesses would not leave him alone. He tried to get them out of his head. he went to the other. She knew what do. She was his new lover. She was the mother of fawks' child. she was his calm in the storm. She knew what to do. she was everything to him now. She was everything he needed, but he still wanted more.

Why was he so greedy? He had to force the witnesses out of his mind. he had to get his strength back. He needed to sleep, but his wasn't tired. He could close his eyes, but sleep would not come. the days would come and go with no signs of sleep coming. He wanted to sleep. he needed to sleep, but he couldn't get sleep.

"You need to kill. If you kill you can sleep."

He knew that voice. It was his witness. That voice was so damned tempting, but then he did know it wasn't right. It sounded like the right thing to do. he could save so many lives. He could stop a war. He could slow down the problems. But he wasn't judge. he wasn't there to shape the world in his image. He only wanted to make sure people had the freedoms they dissevered. But what did that really mean? should he let other kill, because they want to? They are acting on their free will, but they are killing others,

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