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Aberrant RPG - New Power - Need Feedback


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OK, here is my first attempt at creating an entirely new power. I am not sure if it is balanced and I would like to hear what you guys have to say. So, here it is.


Level: 3

Quantum Minimum: 3

Dice Pool: Variable

Range: Variable

Area: Self or 1 Target

Duration: Variable

Effect: Increases or decreases a targets mass

Multiple Actions: Yes


Mass Shifting allows the nova to alter the mass of himself or another target without altering the molecular cohesion of the target. He can increase and decrease his own weight or the weight of other objects and people both to benificial and detrimental ends.

Like Elemental Anima and Mastery, his power uses techniques and all the standard rules apply.

Crushing Weight

Dice Pool: Stamina + Mass Shifting

Range: (Quantum + Power Level) x 10 meters

Area: 1 Target

Duration: Maintenance

Crushing weight alows the nova to increase the mass of a person (or object) thereby incapacitating him and causing damage. Each success on the roll adds x4 to the targets mass and adds 6 to Might rolls for resisting knockback only. The target, if a character, losses 1 from Dexterity per success, starting with Mega Dex. This affects both initiative and movement accoringly. When the targets weight is greater than his maximum lift, the character can no longer stand, regardless of current Dexterity, although he may be able to move around rather clumsily on the ground, and he takes 1 die of damage per success over what was needed to negate his strength per turn of maintenance.

Featherlight Step

Dice Pool: Quantum + Power Level.

Range: N/A

Area: Self

Duration: Concentration

The character is capable of decreasing his own weight while retaining some effective Strength. Each success on the effect roll; divides mass by 2, subtracts 3 from Might rolls for resisting Knockback, adds 3 to Might rolls for Leaping. Every 2 successes adds 1 to Dexterity and subtracts 1 from Strength (Starting with Mega-Strength). Strength cannot be reduced below 1 in this manner.


Dice Pool: N/A

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Special

By leaping from a height and manipulating is mass, the nova can glide through the air. movement is at the nova's unmodified running speed (Dex and Mega-Dex + 12). this will last for a number turns equal to the nova's dots in Mass Shifting. At the end of this duration, the character can extend it by the same ammount of time by spending 1 quantum point. At the end of the duration the nova will descend safely to the ground at a rate of the nova's unmodified running speed per turn. While in the air, the nova can bank, turn, dive, climb, or any other maneuver by making a Dexterity + Mass Shifting roll.

Lighten the Load

Dice Pool: Stamina +Mass Shifting

Range: (Quantum +Mass Shifting) x 10 meters

Area: 1 Target

Duration: Maintenance

With is Technique, the nova can decrese the weight of a person (or object). Each success divides the targest mass by 4, and subtracts 6 from Might rolls involving knockback resistance. The target, if a character, gains 6 to Might rolls for leaping only.

Sink Like a Stone

Dice Pool: Quantum + Power Level

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Concentration

The character is capable of increasing his own weight while retaining some mobility. Each success on the effect roll adds the following advantages; Gain x2 Mass, Add 3 to Might total for resisting knockback, Add 1 to soak. The downside is the character's mobility is drasticlally reduced. For every 2 successes on the effect roll, reduce the caracter's Dexterity by 1, starting with dots in Mega Dex, and going down to a minimum of 1 dex.

Any thoughts? Flames? Does anyone think it is usefull?

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Winter Heart, thanks for the input. Yes, in many ways Gravity Manip. and Mass Shifting are similar. They can accomplish the same effects. Remember though, in reality, Gravity is caused by the Mass of an object. They are not one in the same force. As a storyteller, I would probably allow a character with Grav Manip. to develop Mass Shifting techniques because of the simiarities though.

So how are the mechanics? Any problems there?

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They seems okay to me, but a lot are 'complex" in a way that you need to compare many thing to know if you succeed or that 1 success gives you a lot of little bonuses...

In other words, it looks good on paper, but it does need playtesting to make sure anything isn't poorly balanced.

Also, I would raise the Quantum minimum to 4 (not 3)...

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Okay; Crushing weight is way too powerful. Every success is equal to 8(!) successes with gravity manipulation. Plus, it does damage. Then there is the no resistance roll. GM uses willpower, but the effects are much smaller. I don't even want to go into the Dex-drain with the maintenance cost. That is not even close to fair.

Come on now. One success will take anyone without mega-str out. A five strength only lifts 240 kg, so the average male (90 kg.) is rendered immoble and the average woman (55 kg.) takes two. That is assuming that they have the maximum human strength.

Everything after that does a die of damage. Is there a soak for that?

Why does Featherlight Step add to Dex? Lossing weight does not normally make anyone more agile.

Gliding is weak except for the last line in glide which allows you to float to earth. Why? While it could take some time, you could 'Glide' in from space for all of 3 Q cost. I don't think so. Mimicing gm flight would work, but I don't really see manipulating mass as allowing you to fly. Maybe take duration up to a scene, I guess.

Sink like a Stone is just weak. Toning down Density Increase may work. Say roll Q+PL and have every two successes equal one level of Density Increase.

I have the same problem with Lighten the Load that I do with Crushing Weight. No resistance roll and way more powerful than the GM counterpart.

Like the elemental effect powers, it should be Q:4.

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