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[Fiction] Jordan McDevitt, Radio Transcript


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Transcript of the syndicated Jordan McDevitt Show, a talk radio program. Aired October 13 2014

Jordan McDevitt: Okay folks welcome back. Today’s subject is the “Teragen attack” on Cheyenne Wyoming last Friday night. Claims have been made the attack was a result of the cities treatment of “Iron Skin” Andy Vance and Totem. Let’s open the phone lines. 1-888-Talk-Out. We have a caller from Cheyenne so let’s hear from him first. Bill go ahead.

Bill: Thanks for letting me on Jordan. I would just like to say Cheyenne did not deserve this attack regardless of if it was just a "warning". I didn’t do anything to either of the Novas they claimed where harassed yet I get my mind invaded and my emotional and physical well being toyed with? They wonder why people hate them they wonder why The Church of Archangel Michael grows every year? Have them take a look at their own actions and they will see why!

McDevitt: Thank you Bill. We have a counter point here from Mojave California. Sara, what’s on your mind?

Sara: I just want to ask what can Novas do? It seems if they go anywhere in Americas heartland they receive racist intolerance. I thought we left that behind fifty years ago!? So what if the guy is gay and indestructible or is a Native American and looks like a mythical animal. These are still people, our friends and family. How can we treat them like second class citizens? The Teragen went easy on Cheyenne if you ask me.

McDevitt: Strong words Sara. What do you think would have been appropriate?

Sara: Well what if they would have came into town and ate at their restaurants and didn’t let any baselines in? Watched a movie and complained whenever a baseline came into the theater? A little taste of their own medicine was a nice start but they don’t understand what a life time of shunning can do to someone. Add to that someone who can shred a tank you are asking for a very very bad situation.

McDevitt: Alright thanks for sounding off. Going to switch sides again and talk to Eugene from Billings Montana. Go ahead Eugene.

Eugene: Jordan what you see here is a world that has turned its back on God. The previous caller has been misguided by the Hell spawn called Novas. There is retribution at hand. We will not tolerate these monsters in our midst. A beast like Totem is easy to spot but you have to be vigilant of those who walk among us and still look like us even more. They all will be dealt with by the divine hand of our righteous lord in heaven and…

Mcdevitt: Ooookay thanks Eugene! I think we will break to commercial now. Stay tuned folks!

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