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[Fiction] I Could Be...


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Disclaimer: 'Zebra' by the John Butler Trio is being used without permission.

I could be loud man, I could be silent

I could be young man or I could be old

I could be a gentleman, or I could be violent

I could turn hot man or I could be cold

I could be just like the calm before the storm boy waitin' for all hell yeah to break loose

I could be innocent or I could be guilty

Doesn't mean that I won't believe in the news

So I'm singing ...

I could be rich like a wondering gypsy

I could be poor like a fat wallet lost

I could be the first man or I could come last

It's not who breaks the ribbon boy it's how you get across

I could be red, blue, black or white sunset

As dark as a day boy or bright as a night

I could be the sun boy or I could be the moon

I made it from the stars boy I'm shining so bright

So I'm singing...

I could be asleep boy, or I could be awake

I could be alive and a be the walking dead

I could be ignorant or I could be informed

I could lead my life man or I could be lead

I could be anything I put my mind to boy all I gotta do is give myself a half a chance

I could bring love back into my life

And share it with the world if I had some balance

Regan let the chip play over and over again on her W.A.Co. as she bopped around the bungalow, cleaning up the mess from last night's dinner and 'celebration'. The sound of Franklin's snoring underscored the lazy, almost folksy yet upbeat music in a way that makes her stifle a giggle. She didn't want to wake him up but wanted to present him with a surprise when he finally did.

I guess the good thing about my mood swings is that if I say 'I didn't feel like doing the housework', it's for real! she reflected wryly as she divided rubbish into compost, recyclable and non-recyclable. Since her return to youth, she had felt much more energetic... Not that Franklin was complaining, but when they finally left the island, everyone would be stunned to see her.

The song played over and over again, reminding her that she could be whatever she let herself be. She had been led and gulled long enough - it was now time to become what she wanted to be.

At peace, sensual and luxurious? With a man who thinks the sun shines out of my backside and whom I love to distraction? Hell yes! she thought cheerfully, adding her humming to the sound of the song. Thankfully there wasn't too much mess and no distractions, or she might have stopped by now and gone to do something else.

Like wake up Frank, she mused with a wicked chuckle as the last of the rubbish went into its appropriate place. She turned from it and wandered over to Franklin, laying down on the bed and snuggling up to him with a smile.

And all the while, Zebra kept on playing.

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