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[Fiction] Resignation Conference


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A small blonde woman with parchment-hued skin and golden-brown wings stands just outside an old warehouse, surrounded by reporters. She is dressed in a makeshift halter-top and loose shorts, bruises visible on her flesh and her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"I am here to announce my official resignation from Team Tomorrow and Project Utopia. I have brought the Project into ill repute with my recent actions and now I must face the consequences." Her voice is lifeless and tired.

"Codex, this is Daphne Myung from N! Will you be joining the Teragen - "

"I'm Harry Lowe from CNN. Can you comment on whether your online feuds with Charr and Machina had something to do with this - "

"Will you be seeking private employment - "

The small blonde seems to wilt under the relentness questions and she turns away, heading inside to escape the reporters.

Once the door is shut, she sinks to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably at the ruin that her life had become.

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