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[Fiction] Pow wow: Sniffing around the issue.


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The Griffin had padded past for the past few days not knowing what was really going on. Singularity was as polite as someone could be who used to punch his fist through people's skulls. He could smell the tension and feel Franklin's body language whenever he came up to check on Regan. He couldn't blame the body guard he'd lost it so many times that it must be like trying to deal with bear trap that went off if you even got near it. The words where polite enough of course, he respected Codex's friendship with the big Griffin. Not to mention beating the shit out of him might defeat all she worked to save the night before.

He came to check again and she was gone. No Franklin standing sentry, no steady breathing or the rustle of her new feathers brushing against her. What caught his attention was what was left behind. It wasn’t something he didn’t expect but the scent of it alarmed him. It only made sense to him that they would sleep together and they had there was no other way to look at the scent. He read it like a book, she was different there was arousal and something else, more pure, ferocious and carnal. He was sure Singularity was taken by surprise by the actions such pheromones would likely cause. Totem paused a moment then began following the scent of the two Novas toward the shower house. He knew this had something to do with him on some level. She took in a lot of base instincts when she absorbed his taint so it shouldn’t have been a complete shock for this to turn up as a result.

With a circle around the shower house both scents diminished slightly but led away. Totem stopped, there was no point stalking them. Let them eat breakfast and let her adapt to her new wings if they turned out to be permanent. He hoped she would adapt easier to the urges she might have inherited. He knew for a fact he was still struggling.

Scuffing the dirt with a single talon Totem turned and walked away, as he did he commented wryly. “Well at least someone got laid out of all of this.”

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