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[Fiction] Official Press Release

Violette 'V' D'Aronique

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Violette "V" D'Aronique and Project Utopia have parted ways, Ms. D'Aronique announced to the Media Wednesday morning.

"I sat down with Mr. Laragione and Caestus Pax for several hours, discussing both my statements to the media and the future of Project Utopia," V stated. "In the end, we all decided that while we all have high hopes for the future, the paths we are taking to get there are diverging and it's best if we explore them separately."

"I want to state for the record to clear up any confusion in the media that I'm not endorsing the Teragen or The Null Manifesto. I believe in the goals and hearts of those within Team Tomorrow and I know that one day we will work hand in hand again. I wish only the best for each and every one of them."

Ms. D'Aronique declined to answer what she intended to do now that she is no longer part of T2M.

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