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[Fiction] The city skyline at eye level

Gentle Giant

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Well, the lawyers have fled back home for the night now, and I'm alone. I'm grateful to them, since they left me a pencil and some paper large enough for me to write on - I had insisted on reading the contract I was signing, like my brother always does.

I'm looking out across the city right now. If I stand on tip-toe, the Sacramento skyline is at eye level. Even seeing it, it's hard to imagine. The sunset is beautiful, but I'm not up to watching sunsets right now. Not with my brother still at the hospital.

He mentioned a Nova Opnet site he's started posting to, trying to help me. I don't know what kind of help he's expecting, all things considdered. But that's my brother, always looking out for his 'hermanito'. Well, I'm not so little anymore.

In a few days, I'm supposed to head for South America, where I will be building houses and such. Not much change from what I used to do, except the scale has grown.

The people of Sacramento have been very nice to me, all things considdered. The chinese buffet two blocks over has been feeding me, and in exchange I have one of their billboards on a stick, that I show to people passing by. The radio shack across the street put together a cell phone, attached to car speakers and a microphone, and I can use that to talk to my brother. And I guess I don't mind sleeping under the stars. I just wish I had a tarp for when it rained two days ago.

I'll rest now, and see what tomorrow brings.

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