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[Fiction] Being free.

Blue Cherry

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The wind was flowing in the middle of new york.No one in the streets would notice,or her.She wasn't on street level, that nova was playing sky scraper hoping.On the top floors, she moved in her own way.The old gaurd of logic would say that the shortest path between any two points was a line.To her it was a fold.In this way she was two places at once.She out witted light,and this was just a causual day for her.

She watched the people on the streat, bouncing about building.She was always looking down,and alround, but mainly down.She was watching more than just normal light waves.She was looking into radio waves,soemthing that was rather conusing when looking into the sky, to watch the reflected echoses of the countless board casts.It was soemthing to be advoided.It wasn't all that pleasent.

She made her away about town, "jumping' from point to point.She did a tight spirail around one building.She was going to give them a little scare,maybe not.But she was just going to give them something to think of.The blackroom, a place she wouldn't go into.Not out of fear, os much as disgust.She would not be in the mood to hear the preachings of fantics who wouldn't fallow their own rules.

Making her way from that place after her fun, she saw a mugging.The mugger didn't see her coming, and in fact no one did.But one blink of the eye he was standing, the next he was flying a few feet in the air, the purse missing from his hands, and back onto the turriest shoulder.

Blue Cherry was on the move again, she saw many interesting things..She saw jager, oh she knew what that man looked like.She grined.He was with some lady, big deal.She didn't ease drop on them, but she stoped and watched.

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