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[Fiction] Monday night's all right for fighting.


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Monday March 10 2014 20:30 CST

Allstate Arena Rosemont, Illinois

The show had already started. Totem didn't bother to watch the other fights. Just Mitoids beating the shit out of each other or maybe some Silver Circle match. He hadn't really paid attention to tonight's card, all he knew was it was his turn soon. His huge form paced back and forth by the rear loading docks. Not many rooms would accompany his body so he picked the biggest one he could find with the least amount of people. Not easy to do since the arena was packed to the rafters.

He was nervous but tried not to let it show. It wasn't the fight against Ravana that was bothering him. In fact they had met just a little while ago and wished each other luck. No, it was the people. Over twenty thousand in the audience alone not to mention that millions who would be watching, that is what bothered him. God he could hear it now, boos and hisses people calling him monster and worse. The mere thought of it made him gnash his beak and deep down the thought of killing all those people appealed to him greatly. He shook it off before going to a large water jug that was provided to him and taking a long drink. He knew he had to do this, it was the only way to make the money he needed and not be sent all over the world as an elite where he would have to do very bad things. Things so bad he is sure a part of him would like it.


Surprised, Totem flinched and caught himself just short of lunging at whoever had managed to sneak up behind him. *Yeah they snuck up on me.. Right. My fault for spacing out.* He turned and looked at the young man with the clipboard and headset. "Yes" His voice rumbled like a thunderstorm across the plains. He wondered as he always did if that was his truly his voice. "I just wanted to let you know we are on schedule and you should be on within the hour Mr. Totem." With that the programming assistant turned and left before the word "Thanks." Had made it from Totem's mouth. "Just an hour now before the world labels me either a Monster or a Celebrity..... Hell maybe both." He mumbled as he sat back on his haunches to await his 15 minutes of fame or hell.

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Jake was shocked at the number of people already at the arena. This spectacle is way more popular than I ever realized. I'm glad I warped in by the parking ramp appearing here would cause quite a commotion. I'm glad I can pass for baseline here but I've got to do something abut this standing in line next time, pointless waste of time. So many people, and they are so excited. It's not just the alcohol I can smell the adrenalin coming out their pours these people are building themselves up to a feverish pitch and the match hasn't even started yet. This should be a interesting evening I think as I walk on into the arena and find my seats.

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"Ah, the endless pointlessness of another XWF match," Regan McLachlan drawled in Gaelic as she observed the crowd readying themselves for the next bout. She had decided to deal with her fear of combat by coming here and watching a match or two, a slightly unorthodox move that had left her T2M trainer shaking his head in exasperation. But better she do it here than go into combat and freak out in front of an Elite or two.

She hadn't bothered to dorm like she usually did, the black script of her anima banner flickering around her head as she casually stepped from symbol to symbol in the arena until she arrived at her seat. Amongst the garishly clad baselines - or novas who looked like them - her black eufiber and parchment-coloured skin stuck out like a sore thumb. As usual she had dispensed with the T2M logo when on private business in public - no need to start a brawl because some Terat got pissed over what she wore.

The small blonde sat down and crossed her good leg over her bad one to cover the knee-brace. Even Utopia hadn't come up with a way to totally cure it, but a few operations that made her wince to remember and Endeavour's knee-brace gave her enough support to have good, if not unimpeded movement.

"Mummy, that lady's skin's a funny colour," said a little boy in the seat next to her, pointing to Codex curiously. "Is she like Core an' Superbeast?"

"I hope not," Regan replied with a wry smile. "I'd sooner sit down and read a good book than get into a fight."

"Books suck," the boy complained while his mother, clearly a long-suffering woman, looked mortified.

"I'm sorry," she apologised hastily. "It's Robby's birthday - "

Regan cut her off with a wave of a hand. "No worries. Kids will be kids." An idea occurred to her. Picking up a discarded programme, she folded the paper into a simple origami crane and channelled a little of her power into it. Up it rose, flapping ponderously to the little boy, who looked at it with open-mouthed surprise.

"Keep it," she told him. "And every time you look at it, remember a nova librarian made it fly."

"Cool!" he said. "Can ya sign it, so I can show everyone at school!"

"My first fan," she chuckled, getting out a pen and signing 'Codex' onto the crane's wing. She touched it again and it stopped flapping, landing heavily into the boy's lap. His mother smiled gratefully.

"Thank you, ma'am," she murmured. "Ever since his dad died, he's been a bit angry at the world."

Regan smiled briefly at the woman. "I can relate," she said, then turned to face the rest of the action.

It was funny. Those lessons she had to do were helping her deal better with people. Even her trainer wasn't so optimistic as to suddenly expect Regan to become the face of Utopia, but at least she could get through the day without snapping at people.

Who knew? Maybe she could see the point in this.

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Sakurako slowly makes her way into the arena, negotiating through the crowd. The weather had been inclimate outside with a sleet/rain mix, so she decided to wear her pink cloak over her flight suit. She decided to take her sub-orbital jet over to the arena to enjoy some XWF entertainment, and to see Totem in action. Curious as to what sort of fighting techniques he'll use.

"Excuse me, miss?"

Sakurako turns around to the soft voice behind her. A girl?

"Are you in tonight's show?"

"Uh... no. I'm not. It's not exactly nice weather out today."

"Usually Novas are fighting here. You're a Nova, aren't you?"

Observant kid...

"Yeah. I'm a Nova."

Sakurako pulls her hood down. The young girl gasps.


Sakurako just smiles as she walks to the stairway leading to the ringside area. Making a mental wager on how long it'll take before everyone and their ancestors know that she's arrived.

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Neil approaches the security gate with a confident stride and determined set to his face.

*This is crazy. This is crazy. This is crazy.*


*Don't think of Zed. Don't think of Zed.*

He approaches the guard and flashes his badge in a casual style he has seen so many doctors use.


*Oh, shit!*

Neil calmly turns and looks at the guard.


"Can I see that again?"

Neil shows him the false ID badge, courtesy of the local Hell's Angels chapter and $1000 bucks.

The guard's looks at his PDA, then back to the badge.

"I can't seem to find your ID number. Care to swipe the badge over here ... ah ... Dr. Preston?"

*I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm sooooo dead.*

"No problems."

Neil walks over to the main station and the three other guards here when the voice booms out from behind him.


Both Neil's and the guard's heads spin around. The voice is well known, even if it has added a crack or two in the past decade. The stride still has a bit of that old spring, as well.

"Mr. Flair!" squeaks the guard.

Flair has obviously just gotten out of his limo to talk to a few fans on the otherside of the fence and seen this incident at the gate. Neil can see the man sizing up the situation and coming to a decision.

"Preston, boy, get over here. We ain't got all day," Flair bellows, that thick southern drawl kicking in for dramatic effect.

"Sure thing, Mr. Flair," Neil replies, keeping together the streds of his calm.

Neil gives the guard a quick wave and scampers over to Flair and his entourage. One or two are real assistance, while the rest are part of an his latest, on-going gimmic.

Flair shakes a few more hands, signs a few more autographs, then comes back over to his people. He puts an arm around Neil's shoulders and stears him into the back of the Arena.

"Okay, boy. Why are you here?"

"I came to see the matches," Neil replies, lamely.

"Hmph ... From what you been saying on the 'net, I get the feeling you aren't our greatest fan."

Neil nods and looks into Flair's suddenly serious expression. Gone is the good ole boy and the country drawl. He is a serious businessman, now.

"I should see things with my own eyes before I dis it. Besides, I would like to see Totem."

"Ha. That sounds like the truth."

"Well, the first part was my dad's."

"Your dad's a prick, son. I've met him. 40 years in this business, and I know pricks on sight."

Neil fails to respond.

"Don't worry about it. So you want to see Totem, eh? Going to talk him out of his match?"

"No sir. He needs the money and his a grown man. I just wanted to say hello."

"Okay. I like you. Don't make the big boy fidgety and we will be okay."

"Thanks, Mr. Flair, but why are you being so nice to me?"

Flair pauses for a moment. The wrestlers around us move on into the arena and the assistants give the man a little space.

"Son ... Neil, for starters, Vile Bill was a righteous man and a fan. I had alot of respect for him. Now, I can do the dead man a favor."

Neil arches an eyebrow.

"Then, there is a sales pitch I would like to make to you. See, I've read most of the stuff novas on the Opnet say about us. You're not a demographic I would like to ignore, if you know what I mean. Anyway, if your not full of crap, you've said you can do something about this taint-stuff. Let's go up to my office and have a chat. Then, wether its yes, no, or I want to think about it, you can see the wrestlers, if you like."

An hour and a half later, with interruptions for scripted events, Neil leaves Flair's office. He has a great many details and data on the XWF's more tainted novas. He also has a real pass, this time, and a greater understanding of one of the minds behind the scenes here.

As a consulation for Mr. Flair's time and trouble, Neil showed him a bit of his own "magic". He has taken away, temporarily, nearly fifty years of pain and injury, along with leaving a nearly seventy year old with a raging hard on.

Neil whistles as he walks down the crowded corridors. Occassionally, he asks for directions to Totem, or stops to soak up the roars, hisses, and chants of the crowds. That is some of "their" magic. The magic of adhoration.

He comes up to Totem's locker room, and knocks before entering.

He pokes his head in,

"Hello, Totem. I'm Neil Preston. Got a few minutes?"

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It's obvious once found there can be no doubt just who Totem is. The huge creature paces the back stage area in a mix of moving on all fours one moment to walking bipedal the next. His wings flexing unconsciously as huge claws gnash together showing an obvious mix of nervous tension. Everyone backstage is giving him a wide berth.

The first reaction upon being called seems to be a display of reds and deep blue coloration that mingles among the dark gray and browns feathers and hair on the Novas frame. Body language is obvious annoyance but seems to fade quickly. A large ear swivels toward the man as he calls out Totem's name. Turning fully to the man he responds in his low rumbling voice. "Minutes? Sure, I got a few before I am on. Neil Preston.. Do I know that name from somewhere?"

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Neil Preston.. Do I know that name from somewhere?"

Neil's accent is a crisp New England, but pleasent and friendly.

"We chatted a bit on N!Prime."

Neil looks around a bit uncomfortably.

"A whole lot of commotion back here. Not quite what one would expect."

"Anyway, I'm a doctor who is reseaching taint among us novas. You know; not just what it does to us, but how we deal with it and how it comes about."

"Do you have some time to talk about yourself?"

{{Observing Totem with Quantum Attunement/Health Sense}}

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By the reaction of his face you could possibly see that the creature is pleased by the introduction.

"Oh! It's good to have you here. I am glad you came. I know some of the others mentioned they would come by to watch. Do you know if anyone else made it?"

A roar of the crowd breaks like a wave down the long hallway and Totem's ears swivel like radar tuning in on the noise. "Well some Mitoid just broke a vertabrae. Poor bastard."

He takes a drink from the large orange container with the Gatorade logo emblazoned across it then sighs. "I don't mind chatting really. I dunno if this is the best time since I might be called up any moment but maybe after the fight we can sit down and talk... If I am not in traction." As speaks his coloration slowly creeps from variety of browns into a more red hue possibly signalling some anxiety.

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Sakurako winces at the sound of a man's L4 vertebrae snap from the excessive torsion caused by a 900 rpm flying spinning piledriver.

"Brutal... Damn brutal..."

Most of the fans in the arena cheer just for the sheer spectacle of seeing someone almost smashed into oblivion. Probably because 99% of the time they come back for more. Sakurako does question the logic of some of the performers, though.

"Ey, what's yer problem, pink lady?"


The Nova that did the Mitoid some major spinal reallignment walks over to Endeavor, sort of perturbed. His british accent screams "thug".

"Do you have a problem understandin' me, love?

"I can hear you perfectly fine, thank you."

"Aye, and ya bettah, bollock. Ya don't, and I'll do the same to you what I did to that fool that thought he could mess with me."

The fans boo. In old days, he'd be the "Heel", the one everyone hated. And this guy was playing it up, on camera.

"I don't see where you get off being hostile..."

"I have every damn right. I could rip anyone in this arena in 'alf... Oh wait a minute... You're that schoolgirl wanker aren't ya?"

Sakurako stands up.

"No, I'm that very displeased woman who just saw you break a poor man's back."

"Whatever. You bloody 'oar..."

He walks off. Sakurako is steamed. His act worked. But is it an act?

Sakurako sits back down, some of the fans patting her on the shoulders as she sits. She's sure have had to gotten some attention now.

She pulls up the hood of her cloak, trying to hide her face a bit.

"Oh, don't worry, Ma'am. The most you'll get out of those cameras is a second. They're focussed on the action in the ring."

A man sitting next to her, hands her a soft drink. He's sincere, sort of friendly in demeanor.

"Thank you... Whoever you are."

"Oh, I'm just some guy the XWF hires out to be some fan that gets hit whenever a Heel gets too... frisky."

Sakurako thinks to herself... They... PAY for that?

"Your secret's safe with me, mister."

Sakurako turns up her node slightly, incase a stray punch heads her way.

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Regan watches as Endeavour sits a few rows before her, sipping a cool drink with a hint of amusement. The pink-haired woman-child was a big nova and perfectly capable of handling herself, but the little blonde wanted to make sure.

Endeavour, love, is that chap still for the land of the living? she enquires with her typical dry humour. If not, I know a couple of really nasty medieval tortures that would make Core blanch.

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"That's good hearing. Let me know when they bring that guy back, and I can fix him. No need for him to suffer like that."

"Also, as long as they dont' bring you back too dead, I can fix you up as well. I'm not big, or bullet-proof, or able to shoot fire out my ass like Longboard (snicker), but I do have my uses."

"Just relax out there tonight. Anything short of biforcation, or decapitation, I can fix."

Neil gives Totem a warm, confident smile.

"It's what I do."

Neil seems totally relaxed, friendly, and unintimidated. This whole XWF experience seems to facinate him.

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Totem nods. "You're a healer? Wow, many of the Oglala wish that was one thing I could do. But I guess they don't look a gift Griffin in the mouth eh?" He snorts and turns to an approaching program assistant. "My turn?"

"Yes sir. If you could just come this way." The Assistant responds obviously used to dealing with Novas even the more odd looking ones.

"Nice to talk to you Neil. If you want to sit down and chat some more after the match that sounds good." Glancing back at the Assitant he adds. "Lead the way. Oh and Mr. Preston would like access to the man who was injured in the ring a bit ago. He should be able to help him."

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Sakurako hears Codex's voice in her head. Surprised that yet another of the regulars is slinking around the arena.

"I hope you're picking up on me, Codex. I'm not a psychic by any means..."

Sakurako hopes there's no other people eavesdropping... After all, Sakurako is just loudly broadcasting surface thoughts like everyone else...

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*Actually, Codex, I'm not too surprised. Untill a more fair and sporting set of rules and regulations can be put in place, the XWF's drama and showmanship is all we got.*

Sakurako giggles slightly. A couple people around her look at her.

"Sorry, pager message."

She flashes her pager and people go back about their message.

*Dear me. I should be more careful. Almost got fingered a crazy nut.*

She shakes her head.

*Anyways, before the next match and I'm distracted, what's getting your interest?*

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Donny "Lance" Cavanaugh has a ruptured vertabrae, a concussion, and a multitude of ripped and sprained muscles. The EMT's have expertly hustled him out of the public area and backstage. The onsight XWF physician is on him as he crosses the threshold, checking the vitals and talking to Lance.

"It's okay, Doc. I'm just feeling kinda numb. Give me a shot. I need to do a post match ...aaaahhh..."

Neil steps up and looks over Lance.

"Let me see what I can do. If you have a problem, talk to Mr. Flair."

At the mention of Flair's name, the protest dies on the physican's lips.

"Stop," Neil directs the EMTs, and they do. He is using his doctor's voice.

He looks over to one of the Wrestlers who has come up. The name escapes him.

"Catch me when I fall," Neil tells him. The guy nods.

Neil reaches out and touches Lance. For an instance, Lance feels himself in the nova and the nova in him. There is a rush of power going through him, then a few sharp pains in his back and head. A rush of wellness follows, and Neil falls staggers back.

For a second, Neil fights with the injuries that have overcome him. His spine is broken and he feels concussed. Then, his healing kicks into overdrive. The spine reknits and the muscles rediscover their proper place. It takes no more than three seconds.

"Thanks," Neil tell the other wrestler.

Lance sits up like a thunderbolt, feeling very much alive.

"Damn! Were can I get some more of that!" he blurts out.

"You're welcome," Neil tells him.

"Man. Wow! Thanks."

"No problem, but don't you have to talk shit about somebody?"

"Oh hell ya! Damn his ass. That som-bitch tried to cripple me. I'm going to get a re-match."

Lance heads off to the "behind the scenes" interview area.

No sooner has Lance headed off thatn Terrance "The Ripper" Butler comes through, very much full of his bad self. If he has any regrets about crippling a fellow athelete, he is really good at hiding it. If anything, he seems to bask in the revulsion he gathers from the fans.

Seeing Lance up and moving around deflates him.

"What da bloody 'ell?"

Ripper looks around for someone to give him an answer, but everyone seems to have found other places to be.

Neil looks at him, then smiles. As Neil turns to leave, Ripper reaches out and places a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"Who the 'ell are you, wanker?"

Neil looks down at the hand, then back to the owner.

"I suggest you move that hamhock, buddy."

Ripper just grins and exerts a touch of his steel crushing pressure. Neil feel his bones beginning to break. Still, long exposure to Captain Endeavor's music selections have immunized him to most pain. ( laugh ).

"I asked you a question, zip-head. You had better come up wid the answer double quick, or ya bones are getting snappy. Got it?"

"Dude, incase you missed it, I'm just a visting N-O-V-A here. Break me, and I'm not just going to sue, I'm going to put your ass in jail. You got it?"

Neil's smarm is pretty obvious, but there is a very real sense of menace in his eyes.

For an instance, Ripper contemplates breaking this bastard's collarbone and leaving him in a cringing heap. There is something in this one's eyes, though. A total lack of fear so rarely encountered.

Ripper smiles and releases his grip. He slaps Neil's back with a bit too much force, and adds,

"I will catch up with ya later, Precious. You can count on that.'"

He stalks off after Lance.

"Lance, ya wanker. You've just begun to feel the pain the Ripper has instore for ya!" he bellows, stepping toward Lance and some nameless interviewer.

Neil just shakes his head, and stares out toward the ring and Totem's match.

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DigiGeist calls out to Neil, after hiding oh so bravely behind a couple crate pallets.

"Everything go alright over there? I didn't feel like paying another visit to yet another coroner just now..."

A back stage pass swings from his neck on an official XWF lanyard, almost like a noose.

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"Ah, hey?"

Neil looks a bit suprised.

"Yeah, I'm feeling pretty lucky to be all in one piece right now, too. That guy is frikken huge."

Neil turns back to see if the Ripper has gone on about his business. Seeing that he has, Neil turns back to DigiGeist.

"By the way, you are DigiGeist, right? It the post-rigor pallor and the elven ears that give it away."

{{Unless Digi has pressing business.}}

"Let's peek throught the curtain and watch Totem's match."

Looking around,

"How good are your eyes? I think I see Endeavor three rows back from ringside."

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"Heh, I can't miss her. That pink cloak of her's is like a sore thumb."

DigiGeist affords himself a laugh.

"Of course, she seems... out of place here."

He scratches his head.

"All I came here for is to meet up with a few of the guys back in the office for a job here. I mean, I'm a natural for this kind of work."

Then he sighs.

"What ever facination she has for this is beyond my reckoning."

Then he pauses.

"Oh... heeh... I wonder if Totem's ready for a match like this..."

DigiGeist is obviously awkward at this moment. His tough veneer cracked at the sight of a woman... His only weakness.

Curses, Endeavor, you are my foil...

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The young back stage roadie watches the two guest Novas hovering near the performer's entrance for a moment and smiles. Slowly, he wanders up behind them and clears his throat.

"Excuse me but are you two supposed to be back here?" He says while a wry smile plays across his face and a hint of mirth glimmers in his eyes.

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DigiGeist rotates the lanyard dangling his backstage clearance badge, and holds it between two fingers, showing it behind him.

"I'm cool. I had business here earlier. I mean, I've been all over this place and you haven't seen me?"

He turns towards the roadie.

"I mean how can you miss these ears huh?"

He points to his obviously elven ears.

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Totem makes his way up to the prep area. Picking various conversations out of the rumble of the noisey crows.

"Have you seen this guy Totem? Dude he's a fucking monster!"

"Who cares Superbeast is a monster and he get's his ass handed to him by Core. Ravana will eat this guy alive."

"No man you don't understand. He's huge I saw a promo spot that showed this guy and he is about twice the size of Ravana and you know how big that guys is."

"Big deal. Bigger they are the harder they fall."

The announcer in the ring draws Totem's attention from the conversation as he begins to make the introduction for the match. "Ladies and gentlemen for tonight's Red Circle match we have a newcomer to the XWF. Weighing in at one thousand three hundred and eighty eight pounds. Standing at fourteen feet, three inches tall. A nova who gives a whole new meaning to the word Beast!" Totem winces. "The terrifying TOOOOOOTEEEEM!"

Rolling his eyes Totem moves forward and makes his way through the archway and down the ramp toward the Battleground. *just do what they told you, pose alot and yell and look mean.* He thinks to himself as he pumps his taloned fist into the air and stretches out his broad wings. Then he gives out a scream that seems to be a mix of different animals, Bear, Tiger, Wolf and the high pitched call of a Eagle all rolled into one thunderous bellow. Roaring out across the audience, it engulfs and dwarfs even the immense noise of the crowd. {Strobe: Audio)

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Sakurako's ears ring from Totem's massive, bellowing roar. It was the type of sound that shook her down to her core. She spilled her drink by accident from the sheer shock and awe.

"My word..." as she wipes off some soda from the legs of her flight suit. "He truely is a mythical beast..."

*Codex, you catch a look at this guy? He's gynormous!*

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Without looking back, Neil shows his Pass to the roadie. As he is turning to give the guy a friendly smile, the roar hits him.

Pain stabs through his ears and staggers Neil backwards.

-What the ... - he mouths, then realizes he can't hear himself. His whole world has gone silent, and by the looks of things, he is far from alone.

*Thank god for those personal injury waivers everyone signs*, he thinks.

Neil looks over to DigiGeist and mouths,

"Can you hear anything?"

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After his bellow Totem stops dead in his tracks. Showing obvious suprise on his face and looking over the crowd as many of them hold their ears. He hesitates and looks over his shoulder toward the archway where a program manager waves him on with one hand as the other hand is working on his headset.

*What the hell was that? What did I just do!?* Totem thinks to himself as he slowly begins moving forward down toward the battleground. Glancing up into the rows of people he frowns. *God how many did I hurt doing that? How did I do that? I should try to get back into the act now. Just not so loud.* Totem growls and gives a hard flap to his wings sending a gust of air over the nearby rows. He makes his way over to the announcer who is giving him a glare as he recovers and picks the microphone up.

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Endeavor pulls out a couple sparking earplugs from her ears. Not standing too steadily on her feet.

*Damn. I've heard of making a point, but he's doing it too well. Thank god I brought some sound cancelling earplugs, but they shorted out because of this guy. They cost me a cool grand to buy....*

She tries to sit. Barely makes it without dumping her body into the guy next to her.

*Thing is, My balance is shot for now, and my ears are ringing a bit. He does that again, and I might have some inner ear damage.*

Sakurako puts her head between her legs, trying to reconnoiter and to keep from fainting from all the chaotic input going through her brain.

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"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" the roadie yells at the top of his lungs to the two Novas in front of him. He blushes slightly, realizing he was much louder than he needed to be as the ringing in his ears slowly died out. "Sorry," He said at a more normal volume. "That really was something."

"I didn't mean to hassle you gentlemen, but your kinda in the way standin' here by the entrance. I happen to know a great place you guys can watch the show from, and if we hurry you'll only miss Ravana's entrance," The road says breathlessly, the bright glimmer of humor returning to his eyes, as if he was chuckling inwardly to an unshared joke. "Shall I show you?"

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The roadie smiles as he leads the two wary Novas through the backstage area. The young man waves and nods as he is recognized by several of the workers and his name is revealed. "Jesse," as several people call him, is obviously not part of the backstage crew yet seems to be well known and well recieved by those the trio pass. DigiGeist, his senses ever alert, notices the subtle changes in their guide first. Is his posture better or has he actually grown since he first showed up? His his hair a different color?

In moments, the changes are easily apparent as they head up a flight of stairs and into a hllway. "Jesse" is now around six feet tall with raven black hair. He leads the other two through a door and down another hall. It becomes readily apparent that he's heading for a private viewing box. The kind that are owned or rented by businesses looking to impress those clients attracted to the thrill of sporting events.

Here we are boys," He says in a voice deep, resonant and definitely different than before. He opens the door and steps into the well stocked room.

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Neil turns to DigiGeist,

"You do realize that we should be highly suspicious, but, damnit, Totem's match is about to begin."

Neil enters, taking a dramatic first step, then heads over to the bar.

Turning to Essex, as he pops a marachino cherry into his mouth,

"Swow .. 'cuse me. Do you have a name?"

{{Quantum Attunement on, studying Essex}}


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While not disarming his senses, he does lower his guard.

"Neil, not all meetings have danger and adventure behind the door."

His tone is sort of between a wise sensei and a smartaleck who watched too many kung-fu movies.

"And try not to talk with your mouth full. It's not becoming of you."

He grabs something from the vegetable tray. And munches on a celery stick with the right side of his mouth.

"I am curious too as to who you are."

He says this as he quirks an eyebrow towards the former roadie looking individual.

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"Jesse" smiles an closes the door behind him as he enters the room. As he does so, the transformation that had slowly been working it's changes finishes; leaving him with alabaster white skin, redish glowing eyes and a black diamond pattern on his forehead reminicent of the East Indin bindi. "Well you might recognize the name 'Jesse Barlow' better known as 'Pulsar' but I'd rather have you call me by my true name; Essex. It's a pleasure to finally put faces to both your names," He says as he moves to the curtains cover the large window and pulls them apart to reveal a perfect view of the battle arena below. "We should have a great view of the fight from here. Do you know if any of our other mutual associates are here?"

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