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[Fiction] One step ahead

Agnelli Celeste

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Life is a game,one with no rules.She knew this now,but still she played by the imposed laws of others.She was going reshape the world in her own way.She was staying one step a head of the game.She didn't play fair,anymore.She did she help those that needed help, but she never stayed,never asked for glory.She never asked for fame.

It wasn't in her nature to help those that needed help,and then get more than them.She stopped those who were victimizing those that would slip threw the cracks.She didn't always stop crimes,she also helped those who couldn't see they needed help, and those that gave up on people helping them.She had more than enough to change the world,for one person at a time.She knew that was the way things that mattered hapened.Movements, causes, politacal issues came,and went.People lived their lives the same way after those things died.The messages lost,and the only things that truly changed were individual people.She just aimed her goals in ways that would change the world,by changing people.She was one step ahead of the game,trying to beat the odds.

Wile she did try to change the world,she was only human.Or rather only a nova.She did relax,but she never did so with the companionship of another.She did go to the AmpRoom.She didn't talk to anyone,besides those she needed to.Then she didn't talk or say more than she had to.She was a wall flower,by her own choise.She was there to watch,and listen,not to inter act.Due to her changes,and the fact she never came here,she wasn't known here.She was given a new name,Blue Cherry.This name was from the fact she had blue hair,eyes,and lips,and always ordered her Double sun dots,with no cherries.She answer to it,and nothing else ever since it's first use.

Sure enough she went into that Amp Room once ever week.She was staying one step ahead of so many things,in her new life, fame, blame, glory, shame, pain, friends, names, past.But most importantly she was one step ahead of the game.

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