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Aberrant RPG - Reproductive Cycles of Novas


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<h1 align="center">Reproductive Cycles of Novas</h1>

<h2><a href="mailto:sbabb@comp.uark.edu">Written by DJ Babb</a></h2>

File: Nova-Rep ST-78

Name: Reproductive Cycles of Novas: Case Studies and Theories on Limitation

Author: Dr. Edward Staliana

Date of Writing: May 13th, 2001

Date of Compilation: Oct 21st 2001

Document Classification: Vapor

It has been theorized that an increasing Nova population, combined with the inevitable development of hazardous mental and physical aberrations, could result in the unprecedented destruction of the Earth. Based on estimates from T. scientists, it is believed that Novas will be in open conflict with humanity by the year 2037. By this point, the current Nova population can expect to have not only increased from further eruptions, but also through reproductive additions. It is unknown whether second generation Novas will be born as full Novas or normal human, or if their potential to erupt will be different from that of any other person. Some have theorized that infants born as erupted Novas may have more potential or power than any nova alive today, including Subject 1. In light of these potential problems, while other departments will deal with mature Novas, my department has been assigned the task of handling Nova sterilization. A problem to which there may be no acceptable solution.

There are three main issues in any sterilization plan: does it sterilize, is it subtle, and is it cost effective enough. Any sterilization method with less than a 99% probability of success will be deemed unacceptable. Given the increased lifespans of Novas, one could assume their reproductive cycles were similarly extended, allowing them to reproduce for centuries instead of decades. Subtlety is key in order to both remove opposition to sterilization, and keep humanity calm and uninformed of exactly how much of a threat Novas can truly pose. Cost effectiveness is key; it doesn·t matter if we develop a perfect method if that method would consume all time or resources. The solution must be fairly universal, easy to implement, and cheap in resources and labor to create.

Before exploring how to sterilize a Nova, let·s first examine 6 different Novas (3 males and 3 females) and see what would be required to deal with their unique natures as relates to this study. Note however, that the following scenarios are based on worst case scenarios. John Doe below, for example, may have the potential to analyze drugs in his body, but may have not realized that potential.

Female 1- Sheila Thompson: Superhuman endurance, rapidly regenerates from physical trauma, seems to have ceased aging or is aging so slowly as to be undetectable.

Mrs. Thompson serves as a good starting example. Her body can be altered with drugs, but any such changes would last hours at best. Surgery would likewise be of little duration, and even less subtlety. Furthermore, if her aging has been stopped, she could conceivably birth over a hundred Novas a century, with hundreds more Nova grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and so on. While the idea of mass breeding sounds unlikely, the possibility exists within Nova aberrations for such a mentality to develop.

Male 1 · "John Doe": Teleportation of self, construction and destruction of material, understanding of matter on a molecular level.

This currently unidentified Nova has no immediate protection from either drugs or surgery, but could potentially be a great a threat to this project. His ability to observe molecular information in material would allow him to detect any drug entered into his body, and recreate it outside of his flesh for private study. Such an event would greatly compromise our subtlety and bring unwanted attention to Nova reproduction and the problems it contains. His ability to teleport and construct matter may allow him to undo any changes inflicted on his body as well, making surgery of dubious worth.

Female 2 · Alexis Malloy: No relevant powers.

While Ms. Malloy possess the usual heightened metabolism and recuperative abilities of all Novas, her unique conditions are not relevant to this study. Either drugs or surgery should work fine on her.

Male 2 · Harrold Liu: Body made of shifting gases, intangible, has yet to be able to solidify any part of his body since eruption.

While we could try to come up with a chemical solution, to merge with his gaseous form, it is my opinion that we should instead try to prepare for when (if) he masters his power enough to turn solid again. As it is now he is already sterile, but should he be able to turn back and forth from gas to solid, any drugs we use may be subsequently "passed" during the transformation. Surgery at this point is not worth considering beyond an alternative to drugs when he Mr. Liu becomes tangible again.

Female 3 · "Demeter": Ability to promote conception in others and self, advanced knowledge of chemistry, currently pregnant with triplets.

While Demeter is better known for her restoration of youth and health to the rich and elite, she has also acted as a fertility specialist and surrogate parent for several of her clients. While there is no indication of success with Nova clients and conception, she has helped conceive over 270 children to normal human parents in the 2 years since her eruption. Her clients believe that her help will make their children more likely to erupt, but so far the truth to this is unknown. While it is imperative that she be dealt with, as her quantum manipulations may be adversely effecting the unborn fetuses, she is too knowledgeable (and fertile) to sterilize, and has become too high profile to make disappear.

Male 3 · Leroy Garrets: Pheremonal secretions, heightened endurance, damage resistant cellular structure, cell samples lived for 3 months after removal from his body.

His ability (and inclination) to seduce any woman he meets, combined with the durability of his cells have led to a series of pregnancies with every woman he has been with. Fortunately the fear of AIDS and venereal disease have caused him to use condoms in most cases, and he has only been linked to three myopic pregnancies (all from women who had slept with him months before conception).

Now that we have some idea of what six different Novas are like, consider that there are hundreds more of these unique individuals out there, with more erupting daily. As you should imagine, there will be no single solution. Drugs will have to be tailored for those Novas who are susceptible to them, surgery for others, and still many more are so alien in nature that we can·t even begin to imagine how to sterilize them. Also, a coordinated attempt to reduce Nova population will inevitably draw attention. Surgery will quickly be noticed, as well repeated drug injections or chemical destruction of the gonads. Likewise, a drop in Nova reproduction will gain attention once Novas seek to have children after their eruptions. And finally, our current method of choice, chemical sterilization, isn·t cost effective enough. It·s currently estimated to take 4 months and $800,000 (USD) to come up with a drug program that will work for a Nova who doesn·t respond to the standard array of sterilization drugs (which have taken 14 months and nearly $10,000,000 (USD) to develop). Even given the domino effect such research has on easing future research, we simply can not hope to keep up with Nova expansion while maintaining secrecy.

That said, we might not have to worry about this anymore. But only to an extent.

In assembling this report, I have determined several intriguing possibilities, the most exciting being that Novas no longer conform to rapid normal human breeding patterns. Typically, short-lived species reproduce often, in larger numbers, or both, while longer lived species reproduce with less frequency. Considering the longevity many Novas are expected to possess, they may only be able to conceive once every decade or so, maybe even less frequently. Furthermore, just as we have problems limiting their fertility, they will have problems enhancing it. Individuals like Demeter would be possibly the only chance such Novas would have, and Novas like Demeter would be easy to deal with. Likewise, even should a Nova be able to conceive there is no guarantee of a live birth. Mr. Garrets· sperm were so durable, that they are believed to have fertilized the ovum mere seconds after its release, causing it to get stuck near the ovary and spontaneously aborting. Furthermore, it is possible in a handful of cases that a fetus inside a Nova mother would be seen as an outside object and either unable to penetrate to the uterine lining or else have the umbilical connection "healed" and the fetus aborted. And this is all assuming the sperm could survive the Nova·s protective uterine mucus used to destroy inferior sperm. Or that the Nova mother·s vaginal muscles wouldn·t crush the baby as it was being born. Several Nova males may also find their sperm unable to enter an ovum without destroying it in the process, as their cellular structure has been heightened. It is likely that the only way for a Nova to reliably conceive is with another Nova, but even then there is the possibility that the fetus will prove harmful to its mother, thus endangering itself. I would remind you of the James "Pyro" Hamstead and his wife, who spontaneously combusted during her second trimester while her husband was away. Or Elaina Goyez, who was killed by her unborn baby kicking her. We may not need to counter Nova reproduction, as it seems able to monitor itself.

While this lack in fertility will not stop the Nova population problem from growing, it reduces the growth to such limited numbers that this project would be reduced in size and focus placed on Projects: Elite and Suppression for control. I do however contend that we must be prepared to deal with people trying to increase Nova fertility, and remove its current limitations. As it is, I have already begun receiving reports of complaints from Novas about their inability to conceive, and conspiracy rumors are beginning to appear. Based on my concerns of Nova intelligence and powers, and our need for secrecy, I would recommend limiting the field use of our sterilization techniques. Failure to do so would only result in an inevitable discovery of our activities and polarization of the humanity into those who opposed Novas and those who supported them. The irony of the situation is that in trying to conduct our acts, we discover they aren't needed, and yet we are still going to be blamed for them none the less. Karmic justice.

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