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Aberrant RPG - Nova Flares


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<h1 align="center">Nova Flares</h1>

<h2><a href="mailto:mirober@lascruces.com">Written by Matt Roberts</a></h2>

Communiqué double-encrypted with Navajo Daedalus 3; dated 8/13/08

Director Thetis:

Infiltration and deployment of surveillance equipment within target headquarters successful. With current security procedures, likelihood for detection of said equipment is low. Should they discover the devices in any case, there is very little chance of them being traced back to us, more likely being attributed to a rival organization. In short, the mission is proceeding smoothly. I have but one question:

Do I really have to do this?


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Transcription of meeting between N! Prime Executive Director Collins and subordinates; dated 8/21/08

<font color="#FF0000">Enter Collins; already seated are Programming Manager Daniels, Special Events Coordinator Chian, Manager of Personnel Sainz, and Legal Advisor MacHatten </font>

Collins: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I hope you won’t mind if we skip the pleasantries, and get straight to business. What is the status of your projects?

Daniels: The replacement for Mind Eruption is ready. We’re currently calling it Nova Flares, though the title might change. We’re sure this will go over better than Eruption.

Chian: I knew M.E. wouldn't fly. A trivia game for Nova's is just stupid. All it takes is one with enhanced reflexes and an eidetic memory and it’s all over.

Daniels: Odd, I don't remember you saying anything when it was first brought up.

Collins: That's enough. Ok Daniels, what is Nova Flares?

Daniels: Basically, it's a blooper show, like the one’s they had in the 90's, but with Nova's.

Chian: So basically, you’re going to follow Shard around with a camera, huh?

Daniels: Not exactly. We were planning on using old unaired footage, both from our own vaults and purchased from other companies, in addition to new tapings.

Chian: So Shard. Daniels: Well ... yeah, pretty much. I mean, for God's sake, he's still wearing the cape!

Sainz: What, even after the Mechanus incident?

Daniels: Yep.

Sainz: Geez.

Collins: Ok, so we tape the Nova's acting stupid. Is that going to be a problem?

MacHatten: I don’t believe there’s any issues of legality, as long as we don’t break any of the Privacy Acts.

Sainz: We'll have to use one of the Nova cameramen. Our normal ones are already getting paid an arm and a leg to film the Nova's who don't mind being taped, no way could we get some norm to risk themselves for this.

Collins: Great, get it together. Now, how is the spokesman search going?

MacHatten: We finally got the name situation worked out. Apparently, one of ViaSoft's purchases included the Nintendo Corporation, which had the trademark on the name for some cartoon in the late 80's. They sold it to us for twenty grand and increased commercial time.

Collins: So Captain N! is a go. How about the actual Nova?

Sainz: Mrs. Chian and I believe we should take the top ten applicants and do a one or two hour long special on them, after which we let the viewers vote for their favorite on the OpNet. The top two will then fight each other on XWF. Last one standing is the new Captain N!.

Chian: We think it'll be a great ratings boost. Collins: Anything

else? Sainz: Well, we also think Captain N! should have a sidekick.

Daniels: What, like some teenager or something?

Chian: No. Our polls show that most people find the old guy teamed up with some prepubescent teen thing to be, well, weird. So we were thinking about a dog or monkey.

Daniels: Geez, and you called my idea stupid.

Chian: Let me finish. We were planning on making it genetically enhanced. We've already got the geneticist lined up.

Collins: Who?

Sainz: Um ... Dr. Franklin N. Pratt.

<font color="#FF0000">Total silence. </font>

Daniels: You hired Fuckin' Nuts Pratt!?! Wasn't he sent to Bahrain after the Planetoid Inscriber thing?

MacHatten: No, they couldn't keep him. Technically, there's no law that says you *can't* draw Jack Kluggman's face on Mars. All they could do is declare the Inscriber as Shadowtech and send him on his way. There was some discussion of charging him with defacement of public property, but it didn't pan out.

Daniels: Anyone ever find out why he did it?

MacHatten: He was testing the Inscriber. Afterwards, he was going to use it to draw the face and logo of any person or corporation that could afford it on the Moon. I think he was planning on asking 5 billion a pop.

Daniels: And this is the guy we’re hiring?

Sainz: He's the only Nova with enhanced intelligence that didn't laugh at us when we pitched the idea.

Collins: Fine, just make sure he keeps the animal smaller than a car, and tell him to keep marketability in mind when designing it. Now, is that all? Okay, let's go get lunch.

<font color="#FF0000">Meeting ends. All participants exit room, Chian and Daniels arguing over dining arrangements. </font>

End Transcript

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